Four Ideas to Make Your Storage Experience Better

Plan for Storage Success With These Four Tips

If you’re considering renting off-site storage in North Las Vegas for personal or business purposes, plan to organize. Keep records, organize your space into sections, maintain aisles and take other steps to make your life easier. That extra hassle now will make retrieval and storage a lot easier months and years down the line.

Keep a Record of What You Store

While you certainly won’t want to record every knickknack you store, you do want to list the big items as well as groups of stuff, such as kitchen trinkets and Halloween decorations. If an item or group is boxed or otherwise contained, record the container type, give it an identifier and label it in large type. When you go to retrieve something in particular, this approach will make it much simpler.

Color Code Your Containers

Organizing your storage space in themes is an obvious approach, but remembering those sections months from now may not be so easy. Professional organizers recommend color-coding. For cardboard boxes, you can color code with colored packing tape, which is available in many colors. If you’re using totes, these are available in a wide selection of colored lids. You may still have to inspect labels for the right carton, but at least you’ll limit the area you have to search.

Organize for Future You

Create horizontal and vertical aisles for easy access to sections. Choose a corner for labels and color-coding and stick to it. Ensure those corners are all facing out. Use the front area of the storage for Christmas decorations and other stuff you’ll access regularly.

Know How You’re Covered and for How Much

Your self-storage company may provide insurance and offer more, but it probably won’t be much. If you want to ensure that you’re insured, you’ll usually be best off going through the company that provides your home or rental policy. This is where having a record of what you store will be a big help. In many cases, you can add total coverage for a storage space for just pennies a day, and coverage can be particularly inexpensive if the service provides high security, climate control and so forth.

How to Know If You Should Hold a Garage Sale Before Your Move

Should You Take Time to Plan a Garage Sale?

The more things you own, the more it will cost to move. Those belongings will also add to the time it takes to pack up your home and unpack later. Many people throw a garage sale or moving sale to reduce the number of things they need to pack. You’ll want to decide if you have the time and energy to plan one of your own.

Your Belongings

One of the first things to consider before planning a garage sale is the number of things that you own and how much of those things you want to sell. A garage sale that consists of just a single table with some random toys on it won’t make you much money and may result in people driving by without even getting out of their cars. Unless you plan on getting rid of enough stuff to fill a garage sale, you should skip the sale.

Overall Value

Before the Henderson moving company shows up at your door, you need to look at the overall value of the things that you want to sell. Many people have a yard sale because they want to get rid of old clothing, books and toys as well as kitchen appliances and furniture. You need to decide if you can make enough from that sale to compensate for the time you spend planning it, sitting outside and setting up for the sale.

Time Available

Make sure that you take into account the amount of time it will take to set up that yard sale as well as the time that you need to spend waiting for customers. This will all take away from the time you have to interview moving companies and pack some of your belongings. If you find that you have few things to sell or not many things worth money, you might decide to donate those items to charity and focus your attention on the move.

Tips for Safely Moving Your Funko Pop Vinyl Collectibles

How to Keep Your Funko Pops Safe During a Move

Whether you love sports, read comic books or have a favorite film or television show, the odds are good that Funko makes a few collectibles that you’ll love. Its line of Pop Vinyl figures is especially popular among collectors, and some of these figures are worth thousands of dollars. You need to know how to safely move those figures to protect your collection.

Make a List

Before movers come to your house and start packing up your belongings, you want to sit down and make a list of all the Pop Vinyl figures in your collection. Make note on the paper of any damage that you see like a small tear in the back of one box, a crease on the front of another or a window separating from the cardboard. Keep a copy of that list inside the box and a second one saved on your computer.

Ask Movers About Experience

While there are a number of moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, residents can choose from, you’ll want to ask each moving company about the experience it has in handling valuable collectibles. You can also ask what the company will do to protect your own investment. Movers can use bubble wrap and other moving supplies to keep the boxes on your figures from rubbing against each other and use cardboard pieces to separate any of the figures you have that are mint in box. The more experience they have, the less you’ll worry.

Unpack Quickly

Hiring movers that will both pack your current home and unpack boxes at your new home will help you reduce any damage done to your Funko collection. The longer those collectibles stay packed up, the greater the chance is of other boxes placed on top causing damage to your figures. Heavier boxes can even crush some of your most important figures. Hiring the best movers with the most experience will keep your collection pristine and help you maintain the values of all your figures.

How Your Kids Can Help You Before a Move

Getting Your Kids to Help Out With a Move

As the parent of younger or older children, you might think that they can’t do a lot to help you before a move and that you’ll need to take on many of the tasks yourself. Younger kids can do a lot more than you think, and both pre-teens and teenagers can help in other ways. Your children may even want to help because it lets them feel like they are doing something meaningful.

Younger Kids

While babies and toddlers won’t offer much help for your move, slightly older children can help. Give them at least one cardboard box. Ask that they go through their room and pick out things they don’t want anymore or things they don’t use. You can give them additional boxes later and let them pack up their toys or books. Some kids will appreciate having one box that they can fill with things they will unpack first in the new home.


Though many people search for movers North Las Vegas residents can use their own teenagers and older kids to tackle some of the tasks that movers would do. This can help you save on the total cost of your move and save some time too. Let your teens start packing certain rooms in the house like the kitchen and living room in addition to their own bedrooms. Teenagers are old enough that they know what you will need in the days leading up to your room and smart enough to not fill boxes with too much stuff.

Other Help

Moving houses with a baby or a toddler is hard, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for some help. Ask a neighbor, family friend or loved one to watch the baby for a few hours while you do some packing, or find out if someone can care for the child on the day of your move. The more help that you get, the less stressful your move will be.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

How to Find Out How Much it Costs to Move a Piano

Moving a piano is extremely difficult because even one minor misstep can cause damage to the internal components. As these instruments are quite heavy, it often takes two or more pros to move one. Before you get an estimate from a local company, you can look at some of the factors that will determine how much the job will cost.

Piano Type

One factor that will determine the cost is the type of piano that you have. Upright pianos are pretty popular in homes because these pianos have a smaller footprint and don’t take up as much space. When choosing piano movers in Las Vegas residents should always ask about the experience those companies have with moving pianos and the types of instruments they feel comfortable moving. Grand pianos and baby grand pianos often cost more to move because the instruments are heavier and larger.


Another factor that will determine your total cost is the distance between moves. This includes both the distance between your new home and your old home as well as the distance between its current location and the door. You also need to consider the distance between the moving truck and where you want the piano placed in your new home. The further the movers need to carry the piano, the more the job will cost.


Another thing to consider is the number of obstacles in the way. Movers may need to maneuver the piano around tight corners, deal with your dog constantly barking in another room or go up and down multiple sets of steps. These factors will all cause the cost of your piano moving job to rise. If you have questions about the actual cost, you can request a moving estimate. Las Vegas movers offer free estimates and quotes for whole home moves and the moving of certain objects.

Three Key Issues to Be Aware of During an International Move

Three Things to Keep in Mind for an International Move

An international move has a higher level of complexity than a move across the city. Moving internationally requires a great deal of coordination and planning so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Consider these three issues to keep in mind as you work with a moving company in North Las Vegas for an international move.

Keep Important Documents with You

Be sure to keep all of your important documents with you rather than packing them into the bags and boxes that will be handled by your movers. Some of the key documents to keep on you at all times during a move include your American driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, vaccination records, travel insurance and travel itinerary. It is also important to keep your credit or debit card, currency and health insurance card close at hand.

Consider International Moving Restrictions

Some countries do not allow certain foodstuffs to be brought through their borders. For example, seeds or GMO foods may be disallowed. Live plants are prohibited in many places. You may not be allowed to bring your family pet, or your pet might have to stay in quarantine for a minimum period of time before it is returned to you.

Prepare for Changes

If you planned to bring your electronics, consider that countries in Europe, Asia and Africa have different types of electrical outlets. Your appliances might not be compatible. Consider the climate of the place you are moving to. A move from the desert environment of Las Vegas to the cooler and more variable weather of northern Europe would necessitate different items. Consider what might be difficult to get a hold of at your new place, such as prescription medications or extra pairs of eyeglasses.

What to Do When You Cannot Get Into Your New Home Right Away

What to Do Between Move in and Out Dates

When most people think of moving houses, they think of leaving one home behind and moving into another on the same day. Many people find that they have a few days or weeks between moving out of one place before they can move into another. If closing takes too long or other problems occur, you need to know what to do with your family and your things.

Taking Care of Your Things

One of the best ways to take care of your things in between moves is with a storage in North Las Vegas rental unit. North Las Vegas companies have storage units available that you can rent for one month at a time or longer. These units let you store the things you do not have room for until you can move into your new place. Renting a unit is also a smart way to store things that you may not need right away. You can take your time and go through boxes to decide what you want to give away, donate, sell or use in your new home.

Taking Care of Your Family

Taking care of your family is just as important as taking care of your belongings. While you can stay with a friend or loved one, that home will become crowded, especially if you need to stay for an extended period of time. A long-term hotel or business hotel is often a better option. These hotels feature kitchenettes with appliances that you can use for cooking to help you save on the cost of family meals.

Slow Moves

When closing on the sale of your home happens fast but it takes longer to close on the house you just bought, you might have weeks before you can move into that new home. Staying in an extended stay hotel and renting a storage unit can help you cope with the time between those moves.

What to Do with Your Pets During a Move

Take Care of Your Pets During a Move

Whether you have a dog, cat or multiple pets, those animals likely feel comfortable in your home and won’t be happy about a move to a new place. The new odors they smell, sounds they hear and things they experience can leave them on edge for weeks at a time. When you know what to do before and during your move, those pets will feel more comfortable with the move.

Before the Move

In the days leading up to your move, your pets will likely feel on edge because of the boxes stacked up around the house and the general lack of familiar objects. You should make sure that the last things you move are your pets’ belongings, including beds, toys and even food and water dishes. Surrounding your pets with familiar odors will help keep them calm and relaxed.

During the Move

Before a Henderson moving company shows up at your door, you need to decide what to do with your pets. It’s often helpful to send the pets to a sitter or a kennel for the day or until the movers finish packing up the house. You can also leave your pets in carriers in your garage or let them play outside. When it comes time for the actual move, line each carrier with a blanket or towel that smells like your family and put a favorite toy or object inside. If you have a long drive ahead of you, plan on stopping multiple times for bathroom and food and water breaks.

After Your Move

Pet owners sometimes make the move more difficult than it should be and force their pets to instantly come out in the new home. You should pick one room in the new house, place the carrier(s) inside, open the door(s) and let your pet(s) come out when they feel comfortable. This is the best way to help them feel comfortable on moving day.