Must-Have Storage Items That Will Keep Your Belongings Safe

Accessories That Can Keep Your Belongings Safe in Storage

Whether you need to keep your personal property safe during a move or you have simply run out of room in your own home, a storage unit is a great option. They can keep your items safe from theft, the elements, and much more. However, it’s not uncommon for rented storage in Las Vegas to become unorganized messes that do more harm than good. To prevent this from happening, you can invest in some affordable and useful accessories.

Plastic Lockable Bins

While cardboard boxes are great for providing simple protection, you can’t beat the durability of molded plastic. Bins are affordable and come in a range of sizes. Some are even made from a clear material so that you can see the bin’s contents without having to open it. The best thing about plastic is that it prevents moisture, bugs, and any other potentially damaging invaders from affecting your belongings. With locking handles, your items will stay secure.

Bubble Wrap

Ceramic dishes, glassware, and decorative art are all prone to damage when they’re placed in storage lockers carelessly. If they have the freedom to move in their box, there’s a higher risk that they will experience cracks or scratches. Bubble wrap is a great solution that can keep your items protected. Small pockets of air create adequate cushioning around the delicate material. Bubble wrap is available in numerous sizes and designs so that you can protect items big and small.

Shelving Units

Most facilities for storage in North Las Vegas have enough ample headroom inside. Usually, all of this vertical space is wasted. You can take advantage of every inch of your unit by investing in shelving units. Typically made from plastic or metal, they can be assembled on-site within a matter of minutes. They’ll make stacking boxes a breeze and add some much-needed organization.

How to Find Help on Moving Day

Effective Ways to Find Help When Moving

Moving day is among the most stressful days that you will encounter as an adult. The good news is that you don’t have to go through it alone. Even if you are in a new city or otherwise separated from family members and friends, there are others who may be willing to provide assistance if you ask for it.

Church Groups Can Provide Assistance

If you are a member of a local church, you can ask other members to stop by and help you pack, load your truck or provide assistance however they can. It may be possible that someone at your church will let your children or pets stay at their house or otherwise provide child or pet care during the move itself. This can make the move itself easier as you can focus more on moving your things as opposed to your scared dog or crying toddler.

Your Employer May Have an Assistance Program

Many companies are encouraging their workers to get involved with charitable efforts in the community. This could mean helping you pack up your things and move them to your new place. It could also mean that your employer or your colleagues themselves decide to pitch in financially so that you can hire a moving company. Employers may also provide daycare or other services to eliminate potential distractions on relocation day.

Call a Moving Company

No matter where you are planning to move to in the country, a Henderson moving company can help you do so in a stress-free manner. Professional movers can help with most tasks related to moving such as packing or moving heavy items. Ideally, you will reserve a mover as far in advance as possible to get the best rates.

How to Stay Organized During a Move

Organizational Strategies for a Successful Move

If you are going to be moving in the near future, it is important that you’re prepared. This is especially true if you are moving for the first time or are moving into a home for the first time. Generally speaking, homes are much larger than apartments, and you will be surprised at how much empty space there is. That may mean multiple trips to a parent’s house or to a furniture store to pick up extra items to fill it. How do you stay organized during a move?

Make Sure to Have Plenty of Boxes

As moving day approaches, you can never have enough empty boxes. You can get them at grocery stores, from friends or by asking for them on the internet. If you have boxes that aren’t used, they can be left by the side of the road where they will be picked up on the next garbage day or by others who need them. It is important that you label the boxes that are used to ensure that heavy items aren’t placed on top of fragile ones.

Give Everyone Tasks to Accomplish

Moving is more than just packing your things and bringing them to your new place. Typically, you have to do things like turning in apartment keys or be at your new place before the cable guy shows up. By delegating moving day tasks ahead of time, you can be more efficient on the day of your move.

Hiring Help Can Make the Transition Easier

Moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, are available to help you with this major task. They can do almost anything from helping you pack to unloading everything in your new home. This may help to save time while allowing you to focus on your job, your kids or other responsibilities that don’t go away just because you’re living in a new house or apartment.

Preparing for a Household Move When You Have a Reluctant Teenager

How to Prepare for a Move With a Reluctant Teenager

Teenagers are often resistant to change, and a household move could be stressful for a child who is in his or her teenage years. Including your child in the planning process will help. When the team of movers in North Las Vegasarrives to pack, load and transport your family’s belongings, use these tips to ensure a smooth transition for each of your household members.

Plan a Goodbye Party

Before the movers arrive, plan a goodbye party. The party could be at your home, a nearby park or a fun center. Allow your teen to invite his or her friends, giving everyone the chance to share hugs, memories and goodbyes. Be sure to bring fun photo props for the pictures and a few boxes of tissues to catch the tears.

Help Your Teen Plan the New Room

Your teen may feel more engaged with the move if he or she can choose the paint color, curtains or shades and a rug for his or her new bedroom. Consider a shopping trip for some new linens, posters or artwork to hang on the wall of the bedroom. You might also dedicate an area of your new place as a sort of teen hangout for your teen and his or her new friends.

Take a Goodbye Tour

While the movers are loading, consider a goodbye tour of your neighborhood and favorite spots. Take one last visit to the doughnut shop, a favorite restaurant or store, park, schools and other places your teen might not get to see again after moving to a new city. Take photos or pick up mementos such as a take-out menu or a smooth rock to bring along to the new place. This process gives your teen closure.

Avoiding Injuries While Moving

How to Avoid an Injury During a Move

Moving homes require plenty of energy and strength as you carry everything you own into a moving van. Many people become injured during the process due to mistakes that are made, which can make it difficult to continue the moving process. Although you may not be able to avoid moving, there are a few ways to reduce the risk of an injury while relocating.

Practice Moving Heavy Items

One of the most common reasons that many people get hurt during a move is because they don’t know how to lift heavy items correctly. You’ll need to practice bending your knees and avoid twisting your body. When moving an item, push instead of pulling it. Positioning your legs apart can also provide you with more stability and support. The item should also be kept close to your body as it’s transported. You’ll also want to create a pathway in the home to avoid tripping over items or boxes that are left out.

Hire Professional Help

Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals to avoid putting yourself at risk while moving. Consider hiring movers who have professional equipment and tools to transport appliances down a staircase and lift bulky furniture items into the van. You can even hire piano movers Las Vegas to protect your valuable items from damage. The professionals are skilled and experienced in lifting special or valuable items and will do all of the work.

Use the Right Tools

Use the right tools and equipment while moving to ensure that you aren’t at risk of becoming injured. You can wear thick, durable gloves that will allow you to have more of a grip when lifting heavy items or moving boxes. Relying on a dolly is also necessary for larger items or appliances to reduce the amount of weight that you carry. Reinforcing boxes with durable packing tape will also prevent them from breaking as they’re carried.

How to Handle a Fast Move That Is Required for Advancement in Your Job

How to Plan for a Successful Relocation for Your Job

The phone rings, or your boss calls you into the office to tell you about a lucrative opportunity to advance your career. You’re excited, but it requires that you move in short notice. These tips and an experienced moving company in north Las Vegas can help make your move less stressful and more successful.

Delegate the Work

Delegate as much of the packing, loading, and hauling of your belongings as possible. Full-service movers will do all of this for you. They will even disconnect and disassemble furniture and home theater systems and set them up again at your new place. Allowing the movers to handle this labor-intensive process frees up your time to handle the other details of your relocation.

Get Help

There will be some things you may prefer to do yourself. If you have young kids, hire a babysitter to watch them while you fill out the change of address forms, meet with a real estate agent and arrange for the house cleaners and property manager to come to your current place and prepare it for sale or for the next tenants. Having someone else maintain the lawn and clean the place will also help to lessen your workload.

Keep Tabs on Your Expenses

If your employer isn’t paying outright for your work-related move, keep all your receipts. For most people, a work-related relocation and the expenses of preparing a house for sale are tax-deductible. Save your receipts for the movers, moving supplies, house cleaners, lawn maintenance, and more. Even if your employer is paying for the relocation of your belongings, you might still have to pay for fuel, airplane tickets, and hotel rooms until your new place is ready. Be sure to double check with your accountant about your eligibility for the tax deductions.

Rent a Storage Unit Before You Move

Advantages Of Renting A Storage Unit When Moving Homes

Moving homes can be a tedious process due to the amount of work involved when it comes to packing and transporting all of your personal belongings. Many people can become overwhelmed with the process and the number of items that they own. If you want to have a smooth and successful move, there are a few advantages of renting a storage unit when moving to a new property.

Avoid Tossing Sentimental Items

One of the most important parts of moving is getting rid of clutter and junk that has accumulated in your home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to part with some items that have significant meaning or value. You may have a difficult time wanting to sell the items or donating them if they have meaning in your life. Your new home may not be large enough to fit all of your valuable items, making a storage unit useful for keeping items that are important to you. You can have peace of mind knowing the items are safe and secure in storage north Las Vegas without having to part with them.

Complete Access to Your Belongings

Storage units can be an extension of your garage or attic and make it easy to access what you need without worrying about cluttering your home. You can make your new home more spacious by keeping large furniture items or boxes out of the house in a storage unit that you can access at any time. You can even use the storage unit to free up space in your house if you’re trying to sell it before your move.

Transport Fewer Items

When moving, you can transport fewer items by keeping some of your belongings in storage. You won’t have to worry about unpacking as many items and will be able to use a smaller moving truck and less moving supplies. You can have an easier move and less hassle lifting heavy items and furniture by keeping it in storage and focusing more on the items that you want to use in your next property.

How To Lower The Stress Of A Household Move After The Loss Of A Spouse

Tips for a Move After the Loss of a Spouse

After the passing of your spouse or partner, you need some time to experience your grief. As you begin the healing process, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with living alone in the big family home. Downsizing will be easier with the help of a local Henderson moving company. Use these tips to help with the process of downsizing and moving after the loss of a spouse.

Sort with a Friend

As you pull out drawers and open cabinets, a lot of memories of your loved one may flood back to you. Have a trusted friend with you while you sort through the items in your home. Your friend will not be emotionally attached to the items. Consider taking a digital photograph of the items you don’t need to keep. You can enjoy the memories and have the photograph as a reminder when you need it.

Pace Yourself

You don’t have to clear out every drawer, cabinet and closet in a day or even in a week. Give yourself some time. Consider sorting through one room per week if you are planning your move to be in two to three months from now. This would allow you to spend two or three hours per day in each room. Pacing yourself helps you to prevent feeling fatigued and overwhelmed.

Look Forward to Your New Place

As you sort and pack the items for the movers to take to your new place, imagine how your belongings will look in it. Perhaps your spouse had a beloved figurine or favorite painting. Think of a special place where you can hang it and have fond memories. At the same time, you will be creating a new chapter in your life. Do not be afraid to sell or donate old items and bring in new decor.

How To Have A Smooth Move Into Your First Apartment Without Roommates

Tips For Moving Into Your First Place Of Your Own

Whether you’re leaving your parents’ house or moving out of a shared apartment to the first place of your own, you will have a lot of stuff. Some of those things might be hand-me-downs from family, and other items might be the things that you have accumulated over the years. Working with experienced moving companies Las Vegas Nevadamakes your move go easier, no matter how big your furniture is or how much stuff you have.

Understand the Floor Plan and Measurements

Before you plan where to put what piece of furniture, get a floor plan of your new place. If your grandma or aunt was hoping to pass down the 6 foot long dining hutch and matching 10 foot dining table and eight chairs, but you have a small dinette, it won’t fit. It is better to know how much space you’ll have ahead of time so you know what you can and cannot have the movers transport, unload and haul into the new place.

Meet and Greet Your New Neighbors

If possible meet your new neighbors. When moving into an apartment, the process could generate some noise. Saying hello to the new neighbors and telling them when you’ll be arriving allows them to expect some activity. When moving into a house, it’s also a good idea to introduce yourself to the neighbors and let them know when your moving truck will be there.

Check with the Landlord

When moving into a rental, talk with the landlord or property manager about move-in rules. There may be some requirements, such as no blocking the exits with the truck’s ramp or no blocking parking spaces for residents. You may need to reserve the freight elevator or have the movers use a specific set of stairs. The move-in hours may also be restricted so as to not disturb other residents.