Reasons to Use Furniture Pads When Moving

Advantages of Using Furniture Pads While Moving

Moving to a new home or office can be a tedious task that requires plenty of energy, time, and moving supplies. One of the most important parts of the process is protecting your personal belongings from damage as they’re transported to the new location. Here are a few different advantages of using furniture pads when moving your items.

Avoid Scratches and Scuffs

It can be easy for your personal belongings to become damaged during a move when furniture comes in contact with walls, doorframes, or the moving truck. You’ll want to protect your items by using furniture pads that act as a barrier to avoid extensive damage. The pads will also keep your furniture clean as they’re transported. You can consider renting the supplies from professional movers in north Las Vegas who can provide the materials with their services.

Prevent Furniture from Shifting

Furniture pads are not only designed to protect different types of pieces from becoming damaged, but they’re also useful for keeping the items secure as they’re in transit. The items are prone to shifting due to gaps that are present between the boxes and furniture pieces, which can lead to damage as the truck moves. Moving pads can be used to act as a buffer between the items that are loaded to reduce the risk of damage that can occur.

Makes it Easier to Move Heavy Items

Furniture pads can even make it easier to move heavy furniture in and out of a building. Although using a dolly is a common way of lifting heavy products or appliances, it can often be easier to slide an item across the floor instead of attempting to lift it manually or with a device, especially for oversized items. Furniture padding can be placed underneath the large object to ensure that it can easily slide to avoid injuries or damage while also protecting the floors as the furniture is moved in or out.

How to Move to a New House in the Heat

How to Move Homes in a Heat Wave

Moving to a new house can be a challenging task due to the amount of work and energy that is involved. For those who relocate in the summer, it can be difficult to load up the moving truck while spending time in high temperatures. If you’re planning to move homes during a heat wave, there are a few important tips to follow to make it a smoother day that is less exhausting.

Hire Professional Help

One of the most effective ways to move homes is to hire professionals to help with transporting everything to the new property. Attempting to lift heavy items and load everything yourself can be more tiresome without extra sets of hands available to do the dirty work. Look for a moving company in Las Vegas that has good reviews and can provide you with the moving equipment you need to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. You can also ask family members and friends to pitch in with transporting everything.

Wear the Right Clothing

The type of clothing that you wear while moving will determine how comfortable and cool you feel when spending time outdoors as you move. Wear a wide-brimmed hat that will offer a bit of shade from the sun. Wear breathable clothing items that are loose to have proper airflow with a cotton shirt or linen shorts. Choose light-colored clothing that won’t attract the sun and will lower your body temperature.

Use Portable Fans

Walking in and out of the house while lifting heavy boxes can make it easy to work up a sweat on the moving day. Use portable fans that can be placed in the main rooms of the home or even at the entrance of the building to stay cool and feel refreshed as you walk back and forth from the house to the truck. Battery-operated fans are ideal to use if your electricity isn’t turned on yet.

These Simple Tips Can Keep Your Furniture Safe

Keep Your Furniture Safe During the Big Move

You want to protect your belongings during your move. Without proper protection, you can damage some of your valuables. For a smoother move, here are a few things that you can do ahead of time to protect your furniture. If you need help with your big move, you should consider hiring a moving company North Las Vegas. A professional company will get all your valuables to your new location in one piece.

Protect Your Upholstery

Love seats and chairs are small, but they still need added protection. You want to protect all the fabric with plastic covers. These covers can help prevent any staining on the material. They are beneficial to keeping moisture and stains away from the items. You can even find a plastic cover for your couch as well. It is important to find something that will be a barrier against any type of stain.

Secure Your Glass with Cardboard

Any type of furniture with glass will need to be handled with extra care. China cabinets and glass tabletops can be broken during transportation. You can help protect your items with cardboard. The cardboard can be cut to fit the shape and size of the glass. Once you have done cutting out the cardboard, you can use masking tape to secure the piece to the wood frame. You will want to cover both sides of the glass with cardboard. A little protection will give you a cushion if something hits the glass.

Protect Those Corners from Chipping

The wooden corners on your furniture are susceptible to bumps. If you are looking for a way to secure your furniture, you can use a thick fabric cover for added protection. These pieces act as a safety bumper for your wood pieces. They can also protect you from bumping into a sharp corner. You can attach them to a bookcase or a table corner. The fabric will help your furniture stay safe during the move.

Commonly Stored Items

Commonly Stored Items in North Las Vegas

When you move to a new home, or you are in the middle of a remodel, and need to store some of your belongings, you find out how much stuff you really own. The services of a storage North Las Vegas company come in handy when you have things you absolutely want to keep for future use.

Here are three of the most commonly stored items.


Due to the size of the items, furniture is most commonly stored when a person is in the middle of a move or remodel. Sometimes, people pack up their cars and take whatever fits inside while leaving the rest behind. It is not easy to do that with furniture, especially sofas, desks and beds.


More so in the current technology-driven era, electronics have become a popular item that is getting stored more often. It is difficult to part with a television, well-working desktop computer and older model phones you still have in your possession. It is also difficult to fit them into your car when space is constrained.


Appliances are similar to furniture. They tend to be larger and necessary, so instead of getting rid of the appliances and buying new ones, people opt to store them in the meantime. If you can still get more mileage out of your refrigerator, washing machine and vacuum cleaner, storing them makes sense on moving day.

Packing tips to Make Moving Day Less Stressful

Ease the Anxiety of Moving with These Packing Tips

Moving can be stressful for everyone involved. It takes a lot of work to pack up every item you own and move it to a new location. Here are three tips to help you get ready for the big day.

Pack One Room at a Time

To reduce anxiety related to your move, pack up only one room at a time. It can be tempting to feel like you need to divide and conquer by having various family members pack up several rooms at once. This can lead to confusion and chaos. If you desire your family’s help, have everyone gather in one room and start there. Clearly label each box as you place items in it. When everyone is involved in each room, unpacking will be much easier.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Free cardboard boxes from local businesses are great to move with. For some items, however, you may need a more specialized box or container to use. For instance, a grocery store isn’t going to have a box big enough for a king size mattress. Moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, often sell these and other items to help you move. While you’re at it, make sure you have moving popcorn and wrapping paper to cushion and protect fragile items.

Pack With Your New Home in Mind

As you’re packing, consider the home you are moving to. Try to visualize where you will put certain items as you place them in boxes. This will help you get rid of obvious clutter. If you know there is nowhere in your new home for that particular item, throw it away or donate it.

Using these tips will help you pack more efficiently and ease the stress of moving all of your possessions into a new home.

How to Organize and Prepare for a Move to a New Home

How to Properly Prepare for a Move

Moving to a new home is something that takes a large amount of planning and preparation before any boxes are even placed in the moving truck. While this process is always going to be a lengthy one, it doesn’t have to be complicated and messy. As long as you follow some clear tips and guidelines on how to prepare for a move, you should be able to avoid some of the common mistakes that are made during this process.

Take Every Cost Into Account

When you’re creating a budget for the move, you don’t want to be surprised by any of the costs that are incurred while the move is under way. These expenses are numerous and can be costly. The main expenses that you will be expected to pay involve hiring movers or directly renting a truck for your move. Packing materials like moving boxes, supplies, and tape should also be factored into your budget. Some other moving costs to consider include emergency money, travel costs like gas and lodge, vehicle maintenance, and possible utility bills.

Pack Your Home Properly

When you’re getting ready to pack your home, you’ll want to do so without making any mistakes that could damage your possessions. First, consider picking up free moving supplies and packing materials at a local supermarket or USPS store. Ask some of your family and friends to help with packing your home. You also need to label boxes properly to make the unpacking as easy as possible. The labels you place on each box should be filled with details about the items inside.

Hire the Right Movers

Among the most important aspects of moving to a new home is making sure that you hire the right movers for the job. If you want all of your possessions and furniture to reach their destination without issue, it’s important that you obtain multiple moving quotes and check out reviews for the company in question. Taking these steps should allow you to separate unreliable movers from the reputable moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you receive multiple quotes, make sure that you don’t immediately select the lowest quote.

How Marie Kondo’s Decluttering Show and a Storage Center Can Help You

How a Storage Facility Helps When You Kon-Mari Your House

Marie Kondo is a Japanese author whose book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” inspired countless people to begin a journey to minimalism. Find out how you can start to Kon-Mari your home with the help of a center for storage in North Las Vegas.

Make Space for Sorting

If your house is full to the brim, you may not have enough room to sort your belongings. While Marie Kondo advises people to look at an item and see if it “sparks joy,” you might not have the room to do this comfortably. Using a storage center allows you to move some things out of your house. You can then make use of the empty room and use it for your sorting station.

Store Items Belonging to Others

Your home might include things that belong to someone else. Perhaps you have things of your child who has grown and moved out of your home. If your child lives in a small apartment or is traveling, they might not be able to reclaim their belongings from you. When you want it out of your home but do not want to dispose of it, take it to the storage unit and give the owner a time limit to come and get it.

Do Your Sorting in the Storage Unit

Your home may have a lot of distractions. If your pets, family members or stuff distracts you while sorting, consider doing the sorting in the storage unit. Create a decluttering schedule for yourself and go through one box per day or week until you have sorted everything.

How to Lower the Cost of Moving

Creative Ways to Pay for the Cost of Moving

When you need to move, you may not have enough advance notice to save money for supplies or pay for a moving company in North Las Vegas. You can combine strategies of raising cash along with choosing moving services that are affordable. Use these creative tips to handle the cost of moving.

Lower the Cost of the Move

There are several ways to lower the cost of a move, even when you plan to hire movers. You could do the packing yourself. Just hire the professional movers to do the loading, driving and unloading for you. You might qualify for a senior citizen, veteran or student discount from the moving company. Find out if rates are lower on a particular day of the week. You might find that having the movers transport your things on a Wednesday costs less than a Saturday move.

Ask Your Employer

If your move is required for your job, ask your employer if they cover the moving costs. Your employer may be able to pay the moving company directly. Employers may also pay for other moving-related costs, such as boxes, packing materials and utility deposits. They may also offer reimbursement if you pay for the move up front.

Other Strategies

Ask your landlord if you can get your security deposit back on the day that you move out. Contact the utility company to get your deposit back. The landlord or property manager might be able to meet you on your moving day and give you the check on the spot. Consider selling some things that you don’t need. This would lower your moving costs and give you some cash to pay the movers.

How to Turn Your Moving Day Into a Fun and Enjoyable Time for Everyone

3 Easy Ways to Make Moving Day Fun for Kids

Moving from one home to another can be an upsetting experience for kids. The experience can be even more stressful if the move is to a new town where the kids do not know anyone. When working with an experienced moving company in Las Vegas, use these three tips to make the day of your move fun for children of any age.

Have a Farewell Party

The day before the movers arrive, have a farewell party. Invite your kids’ friends to stop by, and exchange contact information so they can stay in touch after the move. If your home is too messy with boxes, have a gathering at a nearby playground or park. Bring bottles of water, and have guests bring a snack to share. A stack of paper and pencils or crayons can be used for kids to exchange messages and goodbyes.

Play Some Fun Music

Use your phone or music player to play some fun music on the day of the move. If your kids love holiday music or cartoon theme songs, include some of those. Some peppy music puts everyone in a good mood. The kids can dance and get out some of their energy before they have to be on the road for a long-distance move.

Have Favorite Food and Drinks on Hand

Many positive feelings are associated with food. On the day of your move, have some of your kids’ favorite foods and drinks available. While the movers are loading your belongings onto the truck, keep kids busy with drawing, reading a book or playing. Have a little buffet of their favorite foods on the counter. Some options include treats you rarely buy, such as Oreo cookies or pink lemonade. Use disposable plates to avoid creating dirty dishes.

You May Regret Moving These Things to Your New Home or Apartment

Three Categories of Items That Are Rarely Worth Moving

When you are planning a move from one apartment or house to another, you will have to make some key decisions. If your move is a long-distance one or a major downsizing, you need to consider what is worth paying your movers in North Las Vegas to take to your new place. The chances are good that you can skip these three categories of items.

Anything That Is Broken

If an item has been sitting around your home or apartment in disrepair, there is a reason why you have not taken it to get repaired or made time to fix it. It is not worth your time or effort to bring anything broken to your new place. Broken items can dampen your spirit every time you see them. Recycle them, put them at the curb or throw them in the refuse bin.

Things That Won’t Fit

Perhaps you are downsizing from a big family home to a condo or an apartment. Some of the things you own now will not fit. The oversized sofa or huge entertainment center that looks nice in your great room will overwhelm a smaller room. It might not even fit through the door. You can sell or donate oversized furniture before you move. Enjoy choosing a new sofa or TV stand that will be a better fit for your new home.

Things That Trigger Strong Feelings

When packing, you might come across items that trigger strong feelings. Those items are sure to drain your energy. Now is a good time to hold a little goodbye ceremony and dispose of them. Avoid bringing anything into your new home that does not have a purpose or provide you with a positive feeling. This is an ideal time to start anew and create a happy living space.