Preparing Your Children for a Move

Children may not always be excited about a major move. Consider these relocation tips when it’s time to prepare them for one.

How to Prepare Your Children for a Major Move

Moving is stressful on its own. Between planning, finding a new place to live and getting settled, the whole process can be pretty exhausting. On top of that, there are tons of parents who have to do this entire process of relocating with children. It’s also interesting when those children have strong opinions about the move. If you have a child who’s less than excited about the new change in the family, consider trying these relocation tips and see how they work out.

Keep Them Busy

During the times when you have to start packing, don’t try to be the super-parent who still has a home-cooked meal on the table. Save your energy for packing and order a pizza. Allow a Disney movie to babysit your child for a few hours. As long as your child is within earshot of you, allow them to indulge in their favorite shows while you prepare. On the day of the move, hire movers in North Las Vegas to help you with the heavier items. Extra hands will make the process go along quicker. While this is happening, consider asking a friend to babysit while you take care of business. It’s best to have children out of the way during this time. If the friend doesn’t mind taking your children to the pool, arcade or somewhere else that’s fun, don’t forget to put some money in their hand to cover the recreational expenses.

Sentimental Time

There are some things you can do for old time’s sake. If your child has a favorite ice cream shop or store along those lines, try to visit more often as the move gets closer. If they have friends they have to leave behind, try to set up a few playdates. Even though your schedule might be busy, these simple efforts will help a child transition through what could be an emotionally difficult journey for them.


During this time when things are hectic, it’s good to try to keep a level of consistency. Try to sit down and spend quality time with your child on a daily basis. Even if that time is only 30 minutes before bed, it’s time that can really help you connect during a time in life they’ll really need you.

How to Reduce the Risk of Damage During a Move

Relocating to a new home can prove to be daunting if you have many belongings that need to be packed. When you want to prevent damage that can occur to fragile items that are transported, there are a few important steps to take.

How to Prevent Your Items from Breaking During a Move

Plenty of stress can come with transporting all of your possessions when you’re relocating to a new property. Many people often find broken glass or electronics when they begin to unpack after arriving at their new home. You can reduce the risk of damage to your valuables by following a few tips that will prove to be useful.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Professional movers use high-quality equipment and tools to transport all of the items and reduce the risk of damage that occurs. Hire movers to package all of your products and secure them in boxes that will prevent them from shifting. You can also hire piano movers in Las Vegas to transport oversized items that have a high value and are fragile. Find a professional moving company that has insurance and is licensed to ensure that your items are in safe hands.

Disassemble the Furniture Pieces

It’s common for dining tables and love seats to become scratched or for the upholstery to become ripped during a move, which can reduce the value of the items that you own. Disassemble the furniture to make it easier to transport and cover the belongings with padded blankets to protect the materials. The furniture can also be stacked and wrapped in blankets to avoid nicks or dents.

Use the Right Materials and Supplies

Don’t be shy when it comes to using plenty of packaging supplies with newspaper and bubble wrap that is used to protect glass plates or picture frames. You can also use specialty boxes for items that may be difficult to pack in standard containers. The products will have an extra layer of protection and can be easy to move to prevent damage if they are dropped.

How to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Relocating can be a stressful process due to the number of tasks that are involved. For those who want to avoid anxiety while transporting the items, there are a few important tips to follow that will prove to be effective.

How to Enjoy a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

Moving your family can quickly prove to be a stressful and daunting experience. Many people can feel overwhelmed with packing up all of their belongings or having enough supplies on hand. When you want to avoid feeling stressed and avoiding complications, there are a few ways of making it an easier process from beginning to end.

Prepare Weeks in Advance

Make it a point to prepare for moving homes weeks in advance to avoid waiting until the last minute, which can lead to excess stress. Purge the home of unused items that can be tossed or donated to avoid transporting as many boxes. You’ll also need to scout grocery stores for boxes and place dry goods in bags. Begin collecting newspapers and bubble wrap early on to secure your fragile items and prevent damage.

You can also write down a description of the contents inside of each box to find what the need as you begin to unload.

Hire Professional Movers

Instead of lifting heavy items and increasing the risk of an injury, hire professional movers to transport your items when you’re relocating to a new area. The movers will have the tools and equipment needed to lift couches down flights of stairs or load your refrigerator into the moving truck. Call around for quotes when looking for a moving company in North Las Vegas to find reputable professionals that offer fair prices. You can obtain services that include piano moving, packaging services, and fine art handling.

Color Code Each Room of the Home

Color code each room of the home to make it easier to determine where each box should be unpacked once you arrive at the new property. Consider using the color blue for the master bedroom or yellow for the kitchen. You can use duct tape and colored markers to make it easy to determine where the box should be placed.

Choosing the Best Kind of Containers to Use in a Self-Storage Center

When you are planning to store some belongings in a storage unit, the type of containers that you store them in will be important. The right type of container will protect the items, while the wrong type could allow pests to get inside.

The Best Types of Containers for Packing Your Belongings

When you are preparing to move and take some of your belongings to a place offering storage in North Las Vegas, the type of containers that you use for packing is important. Most moving supply facilities and self-storage centers offer a variety of supplies, as do home organization stores and big box stores. Choosing the right kind of moving boxes will help you to protect your belongings.

Plastic Bins

Plastic storage bins come in a wide range of sizes. Most of these bins come with lids that snap or latch into place, allowing you to stack multiple bins on top of each other. A plastic bin is a great option if you move frequently, because the bins can be reused many times. They can also be used for long-term storage of your belongings. A well-sealed plastic bin is also more resistant to pests compared to cardboard. If you want to see what is in your bins, choose clear products.

Banker’s Boxes

Banker’s boxes are small and have built-in handles. They are easy to carry and come with a lid so that the boxes can be stacked. These boxes are good for holding papers and books, because their small size helps to reduce the weight of the box. These boxes have a dedicated spot for labeling the contents.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the standard container that most people look to when putting belongings in a storage unit. These boxes come in many sizes. They break down easily so that you can stack them up flat when they are not in use. These boxes are recyclable. The nature of cardboard makes it easy to label your boxes with a permanent marker. No special adhesives are needed. You can tape the boxes shut to seal them up against dust.

How to Boost Efficiency During a Moving Project

Residential hazards can slow professional movers down as they try to transport heavy items out of a house. If you want to complete a moving project in a timely manner, a reputable crew can help you accomplish this task if the area is properly prepped in advance.

Hazards that Affect Moving Staff

When moving crews haul furniture and other items out of a home, they always try to avoid hazards that can decrease performance and efficiency. Typically, crews will experience delays when they have to deal with obstacles, plants, and landscape hazards.


Most crews must stop hauling furniture when they encounter obstacles that block the path out of a home. The most common obstacles are items that drop out of drawers while furniture pieces are tilted on dollies. In order to prevent these situations, you must empty every drawer or use heavy-duty tape to keep the compartments closed.

Prickly Plants

Houseplants that have prickly components can harm movers who have allergies. To avoid costly situations, you should remove all prickly plants out of your home before the movers who work for a Henderson moving company arrive. These plants should be watered a day in advanced and secured in plastic bags so that the pots can be transported safely.

Outdoor Hazards

Disputes can delay moving tasks when movers accidentally damage items that are commonly used on residential landscapes. Hidden sprinkler systems are the most risky hazards because they can be damaged easily by bulk moving vehicles when the wheels roll over the components. This is why you must give the movers parking instructions so that they’ll avoid specific areas where sprinkler system components are installed on your property.

How to Prevent Scratches Before Moving Furniture

Most flooring materials have a delicate coating that scratches easily when furniture pieces are dragged to different locations. In order to keep wood, tile, and other less durable flooring in mint condition while transporting furniture, several procedures must be implemented.

Easy Ways to Avoid Scratching a Floor

When professional movers who work for moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, haul heavy furniture out of a home, they may have to drag the pieces out of a corner if the layout in the space isn’t ideal. In these situations, you’ll benefit from prepping the area so that the furniture won’t scratch the floor. Besides furniture, other things can harm the floors in a house as well, such as dirt and environmental elements. The big benefit is that there are easy ways to prevent costly situations during a moving project.

Use a Cover

By covering the flooring pieces with a protective material, scratches won’t ruin the home’s resale value. These shock mats are available at a local hardware store. Most protective cover products are made out of a soft material that’s easy to cut, so you can modify them into any shape based on the layout of the space.

Prepare for Harsh Weather

After severe weather event happens, you must put a special mat outside to capture environmental elements that can harm your floor. Water, mud, and salt from rain and ice can generate friction underneath shoes, and the tension that generates as movers drag their feet while holding heavy furniture can cause scratching. An inexpensive mat can trap many elements; however, you’ll get efficient results while using a heavy-duty product.