What to Get Rid of Before You Move

Before you move, it’s a good idea to go through your belongings and get rid of what you don’t need.

Make Your Move Easier by Getting Rid of Stuff

Moving can be a huge headache, and this is especially true if you have a household full of stuff to relocate. Even if you’re having professional movers in North Las Vegas handle packing, loading and unloading for you, there’s no reason to hang onto stuff you won’t need in your new home. Here’s a list of things that you should toss, donate or find a way to get rid of before you relocate.

Old Clothing

Whether you’re not wearing old clothing because it no longer fits or it’s completely outdated, you should consider either throwing away or donating your clothing if it’s still in good condition. Unless you have sentimental reasons for keeping clothing, such as a wedding dress or tux, anything you don’t wear is just taking up closet space.

Outdated Electronics

With computers, phones, and TVs being replaced every few years, it’s easy to get a pile of electronics and accessories that aren’t used. Gather up all the manuals, cords and devices that haven’t been used in a year and donate them if they’re still working. Alternatively, you can sell some electronics to services on the Internet that will buy older devices if they still work.

Books You Won’t Read Again

Books are wonderful things, but if you’re certain you aren’t going to read a book again, donate it. There are a number of libraries that accept books for the library or use them in sales to raise funds for the library. Since books can quickly get very heavy and take up a lot of space in a moving van, don’t hang onto anything you know you won’t be cracking open again.

Half-used Bottles

If you’re like many homeowners, you have a house full of half-empty or nearly empty bottles of cleaning supplies, paint or bath and body products throughout your home. If you haven’t used something in a year or can’t see yourself using it again, just toss it. However, if it’s paint or something that could be dangerous, be sure that you know the proper way to dispose of it. Many towns have waste management facilities that will allow you to drop off dangerous chemicals for free.

Professional Piano Moving Services Save Time and Prevent Injuries

When you are relocating a single item, such as a piano, you may think about attempting to move the item on your own. However, injury to yourselves and damage to the piano could occur if you do not schedule professional piano moving service.

Use Piano Moving Services to Prevent Injuries and to Protect the Piano

You may need to move a piano because you are relocating to a new home. Perhaps your older parents are downsizing, and they are gifting the piano to you. You may have even purchased a used piano from someone in town. There are many reasons why you may need to move a piano to a new location, but this is not a project that you want to proceed with on your own. Professional piano movers Las Vegas will help you to make light work of a very challenging and potentially damaging process.

What Could Happen If You Move Your Piano on Your Own

Pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds. Physically moving the piano often requires a team of workers as well as the proper equipment and techniques. Otherwise, lifting and maneuvering the piano could result in unnecessary muscle strain or even worse injuries. In addition, pianos also often have a delicate structure, such as legs that could break when bent improperly. Their internal components are fragile and could be damaged. The piano must be moved with care by experienced professionals if you want to protect this delicate and valuable item from damage and if you want to prevent unnecessary and painful injuries.

How Professional Movers Can Help

You may be wondering how professional piano movers could possibly do a better job with this project than you and a few of your friends. The reality is that professionals have moved many pianos in the past, and they know exactly how to safely and efficiently relocate this item to a new home without damaging it. They know how to protect the item as well as which equipment to use to maneuver the piano out the door and onto the truck. They can also safely deliver the piano to its new location.

Schedule Service Well Ahead of Time

Professional movers do more than just relocate pianos to new homes. Their schedules may be booked many days or weeks ahead of time. This is particularly true during peak moving season. Now is the time to set up service with professional movers if you are planning to move a piano to a new home.

How You Can Save Time and Money When Moving

Moving can be expensive and time-consuming. Put these tips into action for a better overall relocation experience.

Helpful Packing Tips to Save Time and Money When Moving

From buying packing supplies to paying new security deposits, moving services and more, you can spend a small fortune on your relocation plans. More than that, it may take you several weeks to fully pack up your home before your moving company from North Las Vegas arrives. The good news is that there are some helpful packing tips that you can follow that can save you both time and money.

Complete Spring Cleaning Before You Start Packing

If you are like most people, you have accumulated a wide range of items over the years that have found their way into the back of your closets, cabinets and drawers. In many cases, these are items that you no longer need or want. Paying for packing supplies and for moving fees to relocate items that are no longer wanted is a waste of money. Many people can eliminate dozens of boxes by spring cleaning before the move. In the weeks leading up to the move, go from room to room and clean out each storage area. Donate unwanted items to charity for a tax deduction or toss items that are junk in the trash can. You can also hold a garage sale to raise money that can help pay for your relocation.

Choose the Right Moving Supplies for the Job

You may not realize it, but the moving supplies that you choose to use can play a major role in your overall moving expenses. Each box that you pack should ideally be packed as full as possible, but it should be light enough for movers to easily pick it up. This means that books and other heavy items need to be packed in multiple smaller boxes. Pillows, blankets and linens can be in large boxes. In the kitchen, you can mix and match items from different cabinets to get the ideal weight for your boxes. Avoid leaving boxes partially packed if possible. Remember to keep like items together for each room so that you can more easily unpack in your new home.

Start Preparing for Your Move Today

While it can take a few weeks to properly follow these steps, you will find that you can unpack and get settled into your new home in a matter of days through these initial efforts. You can also save money by cutting down on the amount of supplies and the length of moving services needed.

How Storage Solutions Can Improve Your Relocation Efforts

Storage services provide you with extra space that may come in handy when you are relocating to a new home.

Storage Solutions for Your Upcoming Relocation Plans

When moving into a new home in the North Las Vegas area, you may discover that you need access to more space at several key times. Some people may cram as many items as possible into a garage or attic when trying to free up space. However, this is not always possible or preferable. Renting storage in North Las Vegas provides you with an off-site storage solution close to your home, and this extra space can be used for several purposes before and after your move.

When Staging Your Current Home

Staging a home is a critical part of the selling process. Through staging, you may need to shift some furnishings to new areas of the home to better define spaces or to improve their look. In some cases, you may need to remove large or bulky furnishings that make the home look cramped or unattractive. It’s a good idea not to place these items in a garage or closet because they can create off-limits areas, which can be a turn-off to potential buyers. A better idea is to use a storage unit to keep these items safe until you move. Your movers can easily move the items from the storage unit into your new home on moving day as a convenience to you.

When Space in Your New Home Is Limited

You may also need access to more space after you relocate. Each home has different numbers and sizes of closets, cabinets and other storage features. While you may have had ample space for your belongings in your previous home, this may no longer be the case. Some people will downsize and eliminate some items from their possession. However, there likely are some items that you need or want to retain. These can be safely stored in a storage unit close to your new home.

How to Determine the Size of Your Storage Unit

If you have decided that renting a storage unit is ideal for your relocation plans, you should determine the right size of unit to lease. Sizes often range from a size equivalent to a small closet to one that is similar to a one- or two-car garage. By reserving this space today, you can proceed with your relocation plans.

Get Rid of Extra Items Before a Move: How to Set Up a Garage Sale

Garage sales can help you get rid of unwanted items before you move. Here’s how to set one up.

Get Rid of Extra Items Before a Move: Tips for a Great Garage Sale

If you’re getting ready to move, you should plan on holding a garage sale. It’s a great way to get rid of unwanted or unused items. Even if a Henderson moving company will help you handle your move, there’s no point in paying someone to pack and relocate items that you haven’t used in years and won’t use in the future.

Pick the Right Day

One of the most important parts of holding a successful garage sale is to pick the right day to hold it. While you’ll almost certainly want to have it on a weekend, you should pick a weekend when the weather will be clear and not too hot or too cold. You should also check to see if others in your neighborhood are holding sales on a particular weekend. If there’s a group of sales, people are more likely to stop by.

Be Organized

While people generally come to garage sales expecting to spend some time going through items, few individuals want to try to find things in a huge jumble. Be sure to at least sort items into general areas such as clothes, electronics, books and knickknacks. You should also be sure that you’ve got change on hand and a cash box to hold your money in.

Have Realistic Expectations

People expect to come to a garage sale and find a deal. Even if you could sell something for a lot more money on the internet, individuals may not be willing to pay that much at a garage sale. Along with being prepared to ask for far less for items than you paid for them, you should also expect to haggle with people for higher-priced items.

Have a Plan for Unsold Items

There’s a very good chance that not everything you put out during your garage sale will be sold. It’s a good idea to have a plan for dealing with items that are left over. One great option is to donate garage sale items that are left over. Some charities will actually send a truck over to your home to pick up donated items. Many others have overnight drop-off points at shopping centers so you can donate items at your convenience.

What to Do to Simplify the Moving Process in a High-rise

When you live in or have your office in a high-rise building, there could be some challenges with the moving process that are different from moving from a one or two-story structure. These tips will help to facilitate a smooth move.

Making Your High-rise Moving Day a Success

When you have an apartment or office space in a high-rise building, the moving process can be more challenging than it is when your belongings are located in a single-story structure. Moving in a high-rise has special considerations, such as dealing with elevator weight limits and ensuring that the hallways are passable for other residents. Working with moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a high-rise move is a wise choice.

Timing Your Move

An important consideration is the timing of your move. An overnight move means that you will have unfettered access to the elevators. However, an overnight move in a residential building could frustrate the other residents because of the noise. Moving at nighttime may be a better choice for high-rise office buildings. For a high-rise residential move, consider a daytime move on a workday when most people will not be home. The people who are home will likely be awake, so the noise should not be an issue.

Using a Freight Elevator

Heavy items such as chests of drawers, wardrobes and large desks need to be moved in a high-capacity freight elevator. Have the movers check the elevator’s weight limit. The elevator can accommodate the bulk and mass of such items. Having the movers use the elevator also ensures that there is enough space for the dolly and a couple of movers to manage the furniture.

Protecting Your Belongings

Elevators vibrate and are sometimes jumpy. Even with an elevator, your items may still need to be transported up and down ramps or stairs. Furniture pads are essential to protecting your items from a sudden lurch of the elevator or dents and dings from turning a tight corner on the loading docks. Furniture pads are usually supplied and applied to the furniture by your team of professional movers.