How to Make Money for Your Move Through Online Sales

Tips On Making Money Off the Internet Before Moving

A moving company provides you with a lot of help before and during your next move, but you may want to cut back on the clutter around your house and the sheer number of things your family owns before they arrive. The Internet is home to a number of sites that let you make money you can use to pay movers.

Decide Where to Sell

While there are a number of places you can sell online, the best places often depend on what you want to sell. If you have clothing that isn’t worth a lot individually, you can make lots that feature multiple pieces of the same size. These lots do well on online auction sites. For electronics and other valuable items, you may want to use a classified site. These sites let you set your own prices and only sell to those willing to pay the amount that you want. Some online classified sites offer free listings as well.

Buy Shipping Supplies

When you hire movers in North Las Vegas, ask if you can buy moving and shipping supplies from them. Many companies will sell you everything from packing peanuts and bubble wrap to packing tape and cardboard boxes. You can use all those materials to carefully wrap and pack the items that you sell online. This ensures that the items arrive to your buyers in good condition and prevent you from dealing with customers who want to return items for a full refund.

Plan for Few Sales

While you can make lots of money selling online, you shouldn’t pin all your hopes on those sales. Planning ahead helps you figure out what to do with things that do not sell. You can donate those items to charity, toss things in the trash, give some items to neighbors or decide to take those things with you. Talk to your movers to ensure that you can add a few extra boxes to the truck before the date of your move.

Four Recommendations for a Better Piano Moving Experience

Helpful Considerations When Moving a Piano

If you’re moving a piano for the first time, it may seem like the weight of that piano is on your shoulders. That’s true whether you’re managing the move yourself or hiring the best piano movers in Las Vegas. Ease your mind and avoid surprises with some helpful advice from professionals who do this on a regular basis.

Consult the Retailer and/or Manufacturer

If you have access to the retailer that sold you the instrument and the company that built it, consult with them. They have a lot of experience moving these pieces and may be able to provide insight specific to that model that can make the process much easier. Even a simple disassembly tip can go a long way.

Schedule an On-Site Consultation

Schedule an on-site consultation at both the origin and the destination. Most companies that move pianos professionally offer this service. There may be a small fee to cover travel and the like, but that small cost is worth the professional advice you’ll get during the visit. Some companies will even discount the consultation fee if you choose to hire them to coordinate the move.

Hiring a Mover

Even if you’re moving a relatively inexpensive piano, moving it yourself will rarely save you money when you consider the time, hassles and other costs involved. A moving company will have the piano straps, lifts and other equipment needed, and even when you can rent such hardware, you can rarely do it at a cost lower than what area movers charge.

Insuring a Piano Move

Piano insurance is usually not the same thing as piano moving insurance. Since pianos are so valuable, piano insurance provides protection against damage, fire, theft and so forth above and beyond what’s provided by the home or business insurance. If you’re hiring a mover, that moving company will be insured for a certain amount. You need to compare that amount against the replacement value of the instrument to determine if you should seek out some additional coverage for the move itself.

When to Hire a Moving Company and When to Rent a Moving Truck

Renting a Moving Truck Vs. Hiring a Moving Company

If you’re relocating for a job or just want a change of settings, one of the most important aspects of moving to a new home is deciding how you’re going to get your possessions from one place to another. The most common options used when moving into a new home or office is to hire a moving company in north Las Vegas or rent a moving truck. Each of these options comes with their own unique advantages and disadvantages that you’ll want to be aware of so that you can make an informed decision.


At first glance, the costs of renting a moving truck are quite clearly cheaper than the costs associated with hiring a moving company. However, there are numerous additional costs that come with renting a truck that you should keep in mind. For instance, you should account for toll roads as well as the cost of fuel during your drive to and from your new home. You’ll also need a substantial amount of packing materials that you otherwise wouldn’t be required to have. While the costs for renting a truck might still be cheaper than hiring a company when taking the additive costs into account, the difference isn’t as notable and the benefits of hiring a moving company might outweigh the slight cost benefits of a rental truck.


Driving a large truck is much more different than driving a smaller vehicle such as a car or even a SUV. The difference in size means that the techniques you use to drive should be slightly different, from braking and steering to turning. If you’ve never driven a large truck before, doing so could be dangerous, especially if you’re tired from all the packing and preparations you’ve made to move into your new home. Unless you’re moving to a nearby location, you’ll definitely want to consider hiring a moving company.

Labor Needs

When you hire a moving company, they’ll pack all of your belongings into the truck for you, allowing you to relax and plan other aspects of your move. With a rental truck, you’ll need to do all of this packing with the help of your family and friends, who aren’t professionals and could drop your expensive or valuable possessions. Overall, you should definitely look into hiring a moving company, as they provide professionalism and experience that will come in handy during a move.

Four Ideas to Make Your Storage Experience Better

Plan for Storage Success With These Four Tips

If you’re considering renting off-site storage in North Las Vegas for personal or business purposes, plan to organize. Keep records, organize your space into sections, maintain aisles and take other steps to make your life easier. That extra hassle now will make retrieval and storage a lot easier months and years down the line.

Keep a Record of What You Store

While you certainly won’t want to record every knickknack you store, you do want to list the big items as well as groups of stuff, such as kitchen trinkets and Halloween decorations. If an item or group is boxed or otherwise contained, record the container type, give it an identifier and label it in large type. When you go to retrieve something in particular, this approach will make it much simpler.

Color Code Your Containers

Organizing your storage space in themes is an obvious approach, but remembering those sections months from now may not be so easy. Professional organizers recommend color-coding. For cardboard boxes, you can color code with colored packing tape, which is available in many colors. If you’re using totes, these are available in a wide selection of colored lids. You may still have to inspect labels for the right carton, but at least you’ll limit the area you have to search.

Organize for Future You

Create horizontal and vertical aisles for easy access to sections. Choose a corner for labels and color-coding and stick to it. Ensure those corners are all facing out. Use the front area of the storage for Christmas decorations and other stuff you’ll access regularly.

Know How You’re Covered and for How Much

Your self-storage company may provide insurance and offer more, but it probably won’t be much. If you want to ensure that you’re insured, you’ll usually be best off going through the company that provides your home or rental policy. This is where having a record of what you store will be a big help. In many cases, you can add total coverage for a storage space for just pennies a day, and coverage can be particularly inexpensive if the service provides high security, climate control and so forth.

How to Know If You Should Hold a Garage Sale Before Your Move

Should You Take Time to Plan a Garage Sale?

The more things you own, the more it will cost to move. Those belongings will also add to the time it takes to pack up your home and unpack later. Many people throw a garage sale or moving sale to reduce the number of things they need to pack. You’ll want to decide if you have the time and energy to plan one of your own.

Your Belongings

One of the first things to consider before planning a garage sale is the number of things that you own and how much of those things you want to sell. A garage sale that consists of just a single table with some random toys on it won’t make you much money and may result in people driving by without even getting out of their cars. Unless you plan on getting rid of enough stuff to fill a garage sale, you should skip the sale.

Overall Value

Before the Henderson moving company shows up at your door, you need to look at the overall value of the things that you want to sell. Many people have a yard sale because they want to get rid of old clothing, books and toys as well as kitchen appliances and furniture. You need to decide if you can make enough from that sale to compensate for the time you spend planning it, sitting outside and setting up for the sale.

Time Available

Make sure that you take into account the amount of time it will take to set up that yard sale as well as the time that you need to spend waiting for customers. This will all take away from the time you have to interview moving companies and pack some of your belongings. If you find that you have few things to sell or not many things worth money, you might decide to donate those items to charity and focus your attention on the move.

Tips for Safely Moving Your Funko Pop Vinyl Collectibles

How to Keep Your Funko Pops Safe During a Move

Whether you love sports, read comic books or have a favorite film or television show, the odds are good that Funko makes a few collectibles that you’ll love. Its line of Pop Vinyl figures is especially popular among collectors, and some of these figures are worth thousands of dollars. You need to know how to safely move those figures to protect your collection.

Make a List

Before movers come to your house and start packing up your belongings, you want to sit down and make a list of all the Pop Vinyl figures in your collection. Make note on the paper of any damage that you see like a small tear in the back of one box, a crease on the front of another or a window separating from the cardboard. Keep a copy of that list inside the box and a second one saved on your computer.

Ask Movers About Experience

While there are a number of moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, residents can choose from, you’ll want to ask each moving company about the experience it has in handling valuable collectibles. You can also ask what the company will do to protect your own investment. Movers can use bubble wrap and other moving supplies to keep the boxes on your figures from rubbing against each other and use cardboard pieces to separate any of the figures you have that are mint in box. The more experience they have, the less you’ll worry.

Unpack Quickly

Hiring movers that will both pack your current home and unpack boxes at your new home will help you reduce any damage done to your Funko collection. The longer those collectibles stay packed up, the greater the chance is of other boxes placed on top causing damage to your figures. Heavier boxes can even crush some of your most important figures. Hiring the best movers with the most experience will keep your collection pristine and help you maintain the values of all your figures.