How to Protect Your Belongings During a Move

A move is a serious decision. All moves require a lot of advanced preparation. Part of preparing properly for a move is making sure that all of your belongings are protected during the move. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish that.

Before You Move

Protecting your belongings starts with proper planning before the move. Larger items, like pictures, should be carefully wrapped with tape and bubble wrap. Smaller items should be equally protected before the your North Las Vegas movers arrive. Delicate items that can easily break, like large mirrors, should be wrapped especially carefully and then set aside in a separate space.

Packing Carefully

Another way to help protect your belongings during the move is by packing carefully. Smaller things can go in boxes for your North Las Vegas movers to carry. Items should be carefully packed up in boxes so they don’t shift during the move. Use clothing to help line boxes for an extra layer for protection. For example, you can use pants to line boxes and wrap china. This way you can get maximum use of the boxes and protect your belongings at the same time. Just label what’s in each box.

In the Truck

Loading items in a moving truck should be done carefully. Movers can help attach and secure your precious items as they move them and they’ll load your belongings in a specific order. This is why it is important to know exactly what’s in your moving boxes before they arrive. Keep heavier boxed items, like books, in one part of your home and lighter items, like clothing, in another.

Your New Location

After the movers bring your belongings to their new location, help them keep everything safe by directing the movers to right rooms. Decide where you want each item to go before the move starts. For example, it helps to decide that the large dresser goes in the family room rather than in the basement. The less your items need to be moved, the safer they are.

How to Select the Best Moving Company for Your Move

A move is a highly involved process. Even a move just across the street may require days of planning. Larger moves may take even more planing. But all moving plans must include the right moving company. When looking for moving companies in Las Vegas, it helps to keep certain criteria in mind. A good moving company can provide varied services, from packing, to moving pets, to using multiple trucks. Good moving companies can also typically provide a list of prior satisfied clients, offer moving insurance, and move many different kinds of objects including fine art and pianos.

The Timing

Timing is very important when it comes to selecting a moving company. Many people need to have their moves completed by the end of the day. This may be because they already sold their homes or their leases are up. Many moving companies in Las Vegas can help make sure any move is completed quickly and on time. A moving company should be able to help locate the best route to their intended destination. They can also suggest a specific moving day when traffic is likely to be lighter so the move can proceed quicker.

Specific Services

Many people require specific moving services. A move to Las Vegas from out of state may require additional help. The same is true of someone who is moving internationally to this part of the country. A good moving company will help ease the transition and make sure their belongings arrive to their ultimate destination without a problem.

Additional Considerations

When looking for a moving company, many people have a budget in mind. They may also need to store items during the move or help with packing items before they head out. An effective moving company can help not only with the move, but with other considerations, such as the need for storage and help with a move to a high rise building. Look for moving companies with a long business history and many satisfied customers.

Must-have Packing Materials To Help You Move

Our Henderson moving company wants you to have an easy move to a new location. If you are moving,  it is essential to have the right packing materials. Here is a list of the items needed for packing your possessions.

Packing Item 1: Cardboard Boxes

You should buy clean cardboard boxes in an assortment of sizes to pack different items safely. Cardboard boxes are affordable items, and you may need hundreds of these when you are moving a large family. While you can find free cardboard boxes at local stores, they are often contaminated with insects, so it is better to purchase new ones.

Packing Item 2: Strong Packing Tape

You must have strong tape available while packing to seal the cardboard boxes. Specialized tape with thread can create a stronger container that won’t break open while it is transported on a moving truck. Our Henderson moving company recommends adding strong tape on the bottom and sides of cardboard boxes to make the items more durable.

Packing Item 3: Plastic Totes

In some situations, plastic totes are a better option for packing than cardboard boxes. If you know that you are transporting items that you plan to keep packed in storage long-term, use a plastic tote. Some of the items that you might want to put in a plastic tote include seasonal holiday decorations or mementos, such as high school yearbooks.

Packing Item 4: Labels

Make sure to label a container immediately so that you’ll know what’s inside it to make the unloading process easier. You may want to have labels in different colors to make it easier to keep containers sorted for the different rooms in a new home. Use large labels that you can read from a distance, and make sure to write the words carefully so that anyone can read the items.

Packing Item 5: Tissue Paper

Our Henderson moving company suggests keeping your possessions safer while moving by wrapping delicate items in tissue paper. You can also bunch up tissue paper to place between the breakable items.

How To Choose The Ideal Moving And Storage Company

Considering that moving to a new home or office can be a daunting task, you need a moving company that provides the first-rate services. With so many moving companies in the market, identifying the ideal service provider can be quite arduous. If you want to protect your delicate items from harm, you should choose a company that offers the packaging services as well. An insured and trusted company that has decades of experience in this business will ensure that your belongings are safe and sound.

First Choice Moving and Storage Company

Many homeowners agree that a company that offers the moving and storage services can suit your needs. Whether you require the residential or commercial moving services, you will need a company that has the expertise you need to package, move, and store your goods safely. North Las Vegas storage companies have trained and attentive staff who understand that every item is unique. If you are downsizing, you need a safe and secure place to keep some items.

Delicate Goods

Being able to handle delicate goods with extra care is an unmatched ability. Bubble wrap comes in handy when you want to protect these items from damage during transportation. Besides giving special attention to every item, this company will charge you fairly. Whenever you want to relocate, saving time is always vital. The staff understands how to expedite the moving process without exposing your belongings to harm. By getting things right from the onset, this company can space you time and money. Protecting your electronics from water damage is also important.

Taking Extra Care During Storage

The storage facilities are equipped with every feature that you need to safeguard your belongings. From pest control to climate regulation, you can take advantage of the state-of-the-art storage facilities. Climate control is vital since every item in your office or home can be damaged by high levels of moisture.

The North Las Vegas storage staff will arrive at your office or residence early and start wrapping your valuables. If you have any antique furniture, it’s important to protect them from scratches. By adhering to your schedule, the staff can avoid the hurdles and inconveniences that affect many homeowners during the moving process.

Tips for Picking the Best Time and Day to Move

Moving can be stressful. Picking the right time and day to move can help make the transition smoother. Here are some things to consider when moving.

Tips for Selecting a Time to Move

1. Consider the Weather

Climate and weather are easy to research. If the day you have chosen to move is during a season with rough weather, plan more time to get the job done. Consider that moving during rain or snow may mean several movers with wet shoes and clothes coming and going from the new residence. This may mean some extra planning to cover floors and furniture.

2. Move Earlier, If Possible

It is understandable that many people need to move on the first day of a month. That is often when one contract ends and another begins. However, this common moving day may leave movers backed up or behind schedule. Even pushing the move back or forward a day or two may result in quicker moving time and better service from a moving company in North Las Vegas.

3. Consider Local Events

Know what is going on in the new location. Driving, moving, and doing necessary shopping can be less convenient during big community events. This also applies to holidays. If there are streets blocked off or there is just a lot of traffic, it can make the moving process slower.

4. Get Professional Help

It is a bad idea to try to move all belongings at the same time without the help of a professional. Hire a moving company in North Las Vegas. These professionals are trained to properly lift heavy objects. They are also trained to move both large and small objects without damage to any property. However, you will need to book in advance to assure that you get a date and time where the proper team is available.

5. Be Specific About Expectations

If you want the couch in a certain room, speak up. It is ok to tell the moving company what you need. If they know more work could be required, they may suggest a day where they have more movers available. They are there to help with the process, and they want you to have a positive moving experience.

Moving does not have to result in stress. Moving on the right day can make the entire process easy and relaxing.