3 Things That Should Only Be Moved By Professional Movers

3 Specialty Items That Complicate Moving Day

There are some household items that are relatively easy to move, like clothing and kitchen supplies. Other items, however, should only be entrusted to professionals. If you try to move cumbersome objects like pianos, flat screen TVs, and refrigerators, you may end up damaging your possessions. Here are 3 specialty items that make moving day a lot harder.


Depending on your sofa and your living space, you might not have difficulty moving your sofa. For some people, however, trying to fit a large sofa through a small door is a logistical nightmare. If you want your sofa to reach your new home in one piece, professional movers are essential. They can wrap your sofa in insulation, ease it through doors, and place it gently in the truck.


Pianos are one of the trickiest objects to move. If you try to move your piano, you might end up damaging your instrument or injuring yourself. Moving pianos becomes especially tricky when there are stairs involved. One false move and your expensive piano could come hurtling down a flight of stairs. Pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds, so it can take half a dozen people to move one. Piano movers in Las Vegas help you avoid damaging your piano, and they will simplify the moving process. A team of experienced movers will have your piano moved and ready to play in no time.

Flatscreen TVs

Flatscreen TVs are lightweight, so many people don’t realize how tricky they are to move. These expensive, fragile items need extra care during the moving process. Professional movers know how to prep the TV, wrap it in moving foam, and secure the box. When moving TVs, it’s also important to store it upright and near other sturdy objects in the moving truck. If you don’t prep and move your TV correctly, you could dislodge the fragile pieces inside of it. During your next move, safeguard your investments by hiring professional movers.

Getting Your Possessions Ready for the Movers

Preparing Your Possessions for Movers

Moving day can be stressful for everybody. There are so many things to take care of in such a short period of time. Hiring a professional moving company in North Las Vegas is certainly one step that many people take to reduce the stress and exertion of moving day. However, even if you hire a professional moving company, you will still have a lot of things to take care of. You will still have to collect your possessions and get them in order for when they moving company comes. Here are a couple of tips on how efficiently to prepare for professional movers.

Put Everything in Boxes

The first thing you’ll need to do to get your possessions ready for moving is to put everything in boxes. Make sure that you label everything since it’s easy for boxes to get misplaced during the moving process. Also, it is important that you very clearly label every box that contains something fragile. If you don’t, the movers will not know that they need to be extra careful with particular boxes. Try to use lots of bubble wrap or old newspaper as padding inside the boxes, even for possessions you may not consider fragile.

Organize All the Boxes

Your work isn’t done once you’ve packed everything in boxes. You could leave the boxes scattered around your place, but it would be easier for the movers if you stacked them near the entrance to your house or apartment. This will save a great deal of time on your moving date, which may translate into savings for you. It will certainly help reduce some unnecessary stress.

Throw Away or Give Away the Stuff You Don’t Want

Now that you’ve packed away and organized all the things that you do want, it’s time to take care of the things that you don’t want. The two easiest ways to take care of these things are to throw them away or donate them. You can also sell them if you have anything that might have some value. This can take more time than you would think, so you should start on this well before moving day. Don’t leave it to the last second, or you’ll be rushing around trying to figure out what you want and what you don’t want.

Building Your Relocation Survival Kit

Four Useful Items to Have on Hand When Moving

You’ve hired movers in North Las Vegas and packed all of your belongings. The big day is almost upon you. This is a good time to put together any items you may need as you travel. Pocket cash, snacks and plenty of fresh water are a good start, but don’t forget to put together a convenience kit too, with items you might not know when–or even if–you’ll need, but you’ll be happy to have them in a moving emergency.

A Pocket Multi-tool

A multi-tool is incredibly useful and versatile during a relocation. Pocket-sized is preferable so that you have it on hand at all times. Whether you’re popping a soda cap, tightening a stray screw or cutting away a piece of packing tap, you’ll use it time and again. It has so many purposes and avoids the need to have a knife, scissors, pliers on hand.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Moving can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Music is a great way to keep energy up and put smiles on faces. Since everyone has a smartphone on hand these days, music is just a tap away. You just need to make sure everyone can hear it, and these inexpensive speakers do that.

Extra Power Strips

Whether you’re in the moving out or moving in phase, simple access to electricity is a big plus. Power strips or preferably surge protectors let you plug in lighting and other accessories with ease. They let you access the most convenient outlet and expand what are usually just two sockets into five or more.

A First Aid Kit

Cuts, bruises, sprains and other injuries are all common on moving day. Give yourself easy access to the remedies you’ll need, including aspirin and antibiotic ointment. Buying a new kit is the easiest way to ensure that everything you have on hand is fresh and usable. If you prefer to be a more cost-conscious, go through your current kit and refill and refresh any components as needed.

How to Use a Yard Sale to Reduce Your Moving Expenses

Using a Yard Sale to Lighten the Load Before Moving

Yard sales are an exceptionally useful way to make a few extra dollars. It’s also useful if you need to unload as much as possible before packing up to move. Every item you keep is another that needs to be packed and shipped. Depending on the weight of things like furniture, they can also impact the gas mileage of vehicles over long hauls. Getting rid of as much as possible lets you easily fit what you need to keep in storage in North Las Vegas. Otherwise, you could be faced with a mountain of random items that really no longer have a purpose.

Make Sure People Know About the Sale

One of the most common methods of advertising a yard sale is by hanging signs on posts and poles in the neighborhood. However, you can take it a step further and include social media. In fact, many cities and towns have Facebook pages where you can advertise a yard sale for free.

Sell Items People Will Want to Buy

The best way to make money and unload items at a yard sale in Las Vegas is to sell things people will want to buy. While you may think a bucket full of random power cables is a treasure, the odds of getting rid of it may be slim. Separate the things people will actually want to buy that you don’t need. Random cables, remotes and dining sets perform better as donations to a local thrift store.

Don’t Be Too Stingy with the Offers

It’s OK to be proud of your items, but realize  prices that are too step are going to scare a lot of potential buyers away. While you may think an item has a significant sentimental value, remember something is only worth what someone is willing to pay. The purpose of a yard sale is to make as much as you can before moving out while reducing what you have to ship. Realistically, consider any offer you are given.

Safeguarding Your Move With Insurance

Insuring Your Relocation

Hiring a reputable Henderson moving company is an important step toward making sure your move goes off without a hitch. Insurance is another way that you can ensure that your moving expenses stay at a reasonable level and that you’re not surprised with any large costs due to unforeseen circumstances and other risks.

Coverage from Your Mover

Your protection against risk and liabilities during a relocation can come from a number of different sources. One source is the moving company itself. Moving companies have their own insurance that’s passed on in part to the customer due to the law and any guarantees and the like that the business advertises. You’ll often find this information outlined in the contract you sign. Do note that some or all of this coverage may only apply when the mover is directly responsible or involved.

Protection Provided Through Your Home Insurance

Many home and renter insurance policies do include some form of moving insurance. This coverage generally doesn’t extend to liability but can protect you from losses incurred at the origin residence, as well as the destination residence and even during transit. It’s usually wise to maintain coverage through a move, and you may even have coverage from two separate active policies.

Credit Card-Based Coverage

Many credit cards extend coverage to their customers on purchases. These purchases aren’t limited to objects and often include services as well. Some credit card companies even have special coverage explicitly outlined for relocation. Be mindful that such protection will only be active when you use that particular credit card account to pay for those services.

Relocation Insurance

Relocation insurance is a distinct short-term policy that you purchase to cover your move. The purpose of such a policy is generally to close the gap between the coverages outlined above and your potential loss. Relocation insurance can provide special protection for particular items, such as valuable art. Moving insurance can also be purchased based on expected cost. If you have a strict budget, you could purchase insurance that covers any costs above and beyond that limit.

How You Can Reduce the Stress of Moving Out After You Get a Divorce

Three Ways to Lower the Stress of Moving After a Divorce

After getting a divorce, one or both of you might have to move out of the place where you had lived together. Instead of dealing with the stress of a fresh divorce at the same time as a complicated move, you could turn to the helpful professional moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada. Consider these three ways that using movers could help you lower the stress of moving after a divorce.

Reduce Conflicts About Belongings

When the movers arrive, they will not have a history with the possessions that you or your ex-spouse own. The moving team will handle everything with care, and they will take action to prevent anything from getting damaged. They will also protect the flooring, corners and stairs during the moving process. This helps to reduce conflicts about belongings and how to handle them.

Get Through the Process Faster

Trying to move boxes out of the house or apartment on your own could be a time-consuming endeavor. Chances are that both you and your ex-spouse want the process to be completed as swiftly as possible. With a team of movers on your side, you can get all of your things out of the space and into your new home as quickly as possible.

Focus on Your New Life

Your stress level may already be high, and allowing the movers to handle the details makes it easier for you to focus on your fresh start. You could let the movers do all of the packing, loading and transporting for you. Instead of spending your time packing, you could use the time to get a massage, exercise or so some other form of self-care. Focusing on yourself for a while helps you to feel more positive.

What You Need to Know About Moving a Piano

When moving a piano, it’s necessary to use proper planning and effort. Pianos are heavy with vulnerable finishes. This article highlights the process used by professional Las Vegas piano movers to move them.

Why You Need Professional Movers to Move Your Piano

1. Inspect

The team will start by inspecting the piano and the area around it for any existing damages. They will communicate their findings and remove any obstacles for the piano to move freely to the front door. Work with them to create plenty of space for easy movement.

2. Protect Ancillary Pieces

Las Vegas piano movers use screwdrivers to detach the piano topper. They wrap music racks, keyboards, and topper in a blanket using a stretch wrap. For fixed keyboard covers, they cover the ends with cardboard to protect it from flapping open. Place screws, bolts, or washers into a labeled bag.

3. Protect Tuning Pedals

The movers will pay attention to the bottom of your piano. Tuning pedals are prone to damage if not removed and protected properly. They will use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to dismount the rack and then insulate the pedals and moving pads with plastic wrap.

4. Remove Legs and Flip

Las Vegas piano movers implement their experience and skills in removing the piano legs and flip it. Each person will have to carry out a specific task for a successful completion of this step. The piano will be resting on its board awaiting relocation.

5. Moving to the Truck

The experts will use moving pads, stretch wrap, and tape to cover the piano completely. They will buckle it to the piano board using buckle straps to use the correct lifting techniques.

6. Transporting Piano

Moving companies will have lift gate wrench to lift the device into the vehicle. They will place the piano on the wall truck and buckle it. At the destination, they will slowly lower it off the truck.

7. Set Piano

The team will then wheel the instrument to the desired location. They will unwrap and fix all the elements back to their position. The final step is turning it on to test whether it is operating.

Do not handle the moving process yourself if you lack the skills and resources. You do not have to sell your piano when moving due to the high risks involved in transporting it. Seek assistance from a known moving entity.