What to Leave Out When Packing For That Upcoming Move

What Not to Pack When You Move

When it comes time to move, it can be tempting to just quickly throw everything in boxes and get going. But planning out your move is the best way to ensure the job is done well. Whether you’re doing the move yourself or you’re looking for movers in North Las Vegas, there are a few items you should know not to pack.

Perishable Items

Moving can sometimes be time-consuming, meaning items might be stored in boxes for weeks at a time, possibly more. When packing, it’s important to remember not to include any perishable items. The most common household perishables are frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods. Having these foods packed in boxes means they would eventually spoil or go bad, releasing foul odors during your move. On the inside of the box, mold might start to grow, which could move on to the rest of your belongings. The food can also attract insects, mice and other small animals. Other non-food items, like potted plants or fresh cut flowers, should also go unpacked.

Most Important Possessions

Everybody has important items they hold near and dear to their hearts. These are the items that you don’t want to part with and would be difficult or impossible to replace if lost. When it comes to moving, things tend to get a little chaotic, no matter how much you plan. While things don’t always go missing once you get to your destination, it can happen. Some items to think about not packing due to importance include family heirlooms, original artwork, expensive jewelry, important documents, etc.

Dangerous Goods

There are a lot of everyday items you have in your home that simply shouldn’t be packed up. These items, when packed and transported, can be potentially hazardous. Items include anything that is flammable, explosive or corrosive. Common items you might find in your home but should not pack include liquor, cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, matches and lighter fluid. If you decide on a moving company for your upcoming move, they can typically provide you with a list of items they’re unable to transport.

How to Get Organized Before Moving Day

How to Prepare for Your Move

There is a lot that you have to accomplish on moving day. In addition to getting everything out of your current place and into your new one, you may have to take care of transferring your cable service or making extra keys for the kids. How can you prepare ahead of time to make your transition an easier one?

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Want or Need

If you see that you have shoes, dresses or work shirts that you haven’t worn in years just taking up space in the closet, get rid of them. In most cases, you can donate them to charity or give them to other members of your family. It may also be possible to hold a garage sale to clear space in your house while also making money to use for moving expenses.

Ask Others to Watch the Kids or Animals

Small children and pets can be a hindrance on moving day. While a child may want to help put things on the truck or take care of other small tasks, they may be in the way of yourself or any movers trying to do their job. Animals may become scared or excited, which may lead to bathroom issues or other scenarios in which they can hurt themselves or others. If you don’t have friends or family in the area, there may be a daycare for both your children or your pets where they will be safe for the day.

Being Organized Saves Time for Your Movers

A moving company North Las Vegas may need less time to complete a move if you have everything ready to go on moving day. It may also be easier to get the job done without having to watch out for animals or small children darting around them. Therefore, being organized can save a lot of time and stress as well as some money in the process.

Three Easy Tips for Staying Organized During Your Next Move.

How To Stay Organized During Your Move

Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, it’s easy to lose track of where things are. Even with the best Henderson moving company at your disposal, there will be times when everything is pure chaos. Make your move a little less stressful by following these tips for staying organized.

Tip One: Get Rid Of Junk

It can be easy to let your home or apartment get cluttered with things you simply don’t need. Moving can be the perfect time to finally go through your belongings and do a little spring cleaning. For the things you decide to keep, pack them up in a box so they’re ready for the big move. What you decide to get rid of can simply be thrown out or even donated. An organized move isn’t just about getting your possessions from Point A to Point B, it’s also about knowing which things should be left behind.

Tip Two: Write Everything Down

Moving can be a chaotic time, leaving even the most organized people scattered and confused. When you’re preparing your move, have a designated notebook to keep with you at all times. This notebook should never be packed up, as you’ll most likely need to reference it later. If you need to remember something, write it down. Do you need to call the electric company to shut off the power? Write it down. Haven’t forwarded your mail yet? Write it down. Once you’ve arrived to your new location, you can always check the notebook to make sure nothing was forgotten.

Tip Three: Create A System

Having a set system in place for your move is the best way to stay on track and remain organized. When preparing for a move, many people find it helpful to set up a staging area in their home. This is a designated place where items will be sorted and then packed up. Make sure to pick one room and stick to it. Remember, the staging area does not have to be the current room you’re packing up–it can be anywhere in the house. The benefit of this type of system is it allows you to control the chaos and relegate it to one area of your home.

What Piano Movers Do and How They Can Help With Important Life Events

Three Life Events When You Need to Use Piano Movers

Moving a piano incorrectly could damage the delicate inner workings of the instrument. When you choose to hire experienced piano movers in Las Vegas, you can ensure that the instrument will function as it should and that its exterior finish is not harmed. Consider these three important life events in which you may need to work with piano movers.

Estate Sale

When you need to clear out the estate of a relative, piano movers could help you to take the heirloom family piano and bring it to your home or the home of another family member that wants to keep it. If you choose to sell the piano in an estate sale, the movers could take it to the home of the person who buys it. Providing this service could make it easier to sell the piano for a good price.

Downsizing Your Home

When you are downsizing from a large family home to a smaller house, apartment, or condo, you may wish to put your piano into storage or donate it to a worthy cause. Piano movers can carefully pack and prepare your piano for short-term or long-term storage while you decide on whether or not to bring it into your smaller living quarters. If you choose to donate your piano, the movers can ensure that it arrives in good condition at the place you donate it to.

Listing Your House for Sale

When listing your house for sale, you may wish to do some home staging. This is a process in which you remove your personal possessions, such as family photographs and clutter, and set up the house in a way that is appealing to potential buyers. Piano movers can help with moving your piano in a way that allows it to be as aesthetically appealing as possible. The right position for the piano could boost the level of elegance of your home.

Three Unexpected Ways Moving Companies Can Help You Move

Unique Services That Movers Offer

Hiring a moving company lets you sit back as someone else handles all the important and complicated aspects of your move. While you might expect to find movers who can pack up your home and help you unpack later, you’ll also find some unexpected ways in which they can assist with your Las Vegas move.

Pianos and Other Instruments

Moving a piano is so hard and takes so much work that some homeowners simply leave behind their instruments when they leave. With the right moving company though, you can get help moving that heavy instrument. These companies will pack the piano to keep the keys from breaking during the move and to ensure that it’s ready for you to play when you arrive in your new home. They can help with other types of instruments, including rare or vintage models that are worth a lot of money.

Fine Art and Antiques

When hiring moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, residents might ask whether those companies have any experience with fine art. Fine art can include sculptures and paintings that are worth thousands of dollars or even more. Movers with experience in this area know how to properly package that art to protect your investment and keep it from breaking during your move. They can also crate pieces to keep the art from moving around on the truck. Moving companies will have insurance to protect that artwork too that also applies to any antiques that you own.


There may come a time when you need to store some of your belongings during a move. Some local moving companies provide storage options for their customers that include climate-controlled units and units with hundreds of square feet of storage space available. Movers can even help move boxes and other items into one of these units. You’ll find that many moving companies offer unexpected services and can help with storage as well as fine art and instrument moving and other services you can use.

Why You Should Use a Storage Unit to Make More Room During the Holiday

Three Reasons to Use Storage Centers During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, many people host a family dinner or days-long gathering for their grown children, grandchildren, adult siblings, parents, and other extended family members. All of those people staying in your home overnight for a few days will need places to sleep, eat, and place their suitcases and belongings. Using a convenient center for short-term storage in North Las Vegas could add convenience to your holidays.

More Space for Temporary Beds

Unless you have multiple sets of bunk beds or trundle beds, chances are good that you will need to use some air mattresses or pull-out sofa beds that use up a lot of your floor space. If you have other furniture in the rooms, such as a bulky coffee or end tables, you might not have room for those extra temporary beds. Putting the coffee and end tables into storage for a while increases the amount of space you have for guests to sleep.

Increased Space for Dining

Extra people in your home means that you will need more space for people to sit down and eat together. Removing a few bookshelves, plant stands, or an extra desk from your home could make more room for adding the leaves to your dining room table. This allows more people to enjoy a meal together.

Enhance Your Closet and Cabinet Space

Guests will also need an out-of-the-way spot to put their suitcases, gifts, and travel bags. Clearing out the closets in your guest room, hallway, and entry area allows your guests to have room for their coats, shoes, and luggage. The items you clean out from your closets and cabinets could go into the storage unit.