How to Move When You Have Kids

How to Relocate While Caring for Kids

It can often be exciting to relocate when you’ve purchased a new home or are moving to a different city. For those with kids, moving out of your house can be challenging while having little ones in tow. If you want a smooth and successful process, there are a few important tips to follow.

Hire a Sitter

Consider finding a local sitter to care for your child as you move boxes out of the house and into the moving truck. Look for places in the local area where the babysitter can take your child on an outing, whether it’s to a museum or a park. The caregiver will keep the child occupied and entertained to ensure that you can get more done throughout the day and avoid delays.

Use Professional Movers

It can be difficult to load and haul heavy items into the moving truck while holding your kids or tending to their needs, whether they need to be changed or are fussy. Hire professionals like piano movers Las Vegas to ensure that bulky furniture pieces can easily get loaded into the moving van. You won’t have to worry about getting injured or trying to keep an eye on your kids during the moving day with the help of pros who are experienced with lifting pianos and other heavy objects. They will also use the right equipment and tools to protect the item from scuffs or damage as it’s transported.

Purchase Activities and Games

One of the best ways of keeping your child occupied as you’re busy on the moving day is to purchase different types of activities and games that they can use. Buy new items that they haven’t played with yet to ensure that they are distracted and don’t lose interest in the items. The kids can stay in a designated area of the home with a baby gate that is used to prevent them from getting out and wandering around the house. You can also use a baby cam to keep an eye on them as you move everything out to ensure that they stay busy and you can still monitor their activities throughout the day.

How to Move When Pets Are Involved


Accounting for the Animals on Moving Day

Moving day is generally a stressful one for most people. However, they know why there is so much noise and commotion, and they also know where they will be at the end of the day. The animal companions of those who are transitioning to another home or apartment have literally no idea why their life is going through so much upheaval. What can an individual do to make the move easier for a pet?

Have Someone Else Watch the Animal

It may be easier to have a close friend or family member take care of a pet on moving day. This makes it less likely that it tries to flee the home or accidentally gets itself stuck in a box meant for the back of the moving truck. Sending the animal to someone else’s house may also provide a calm and enjoyable environment full of treats and comfy places to sleep instead of loud trucks and unfamiliar people.

Keep the Home Free of Clutter Before Moving Day

Just as it can be stressful for a person to contend with a messy home in the days before a move, it can be emotionally draining for a pet as well. This is because a cat may not have easy access to its food bowl while the dog may not have access to its favorite sleeping spot. While a dog may be content with whatever its surroundings are as long as its human is still close by, cats can be easily stressed by minor changes.

Create a Plan Ahead of Time

If you are working with professional movers in North Las Vegas, it may be possible to create a plan of action prior to moving day. Doing so may make it easier to complete the move in a timely manner while also accounting for the needs of any animals that may live in the home. This may keep the family pet safe while also ensuring that movers aren’t harmed by scared or stressed pets.

How to Use Color Coordination When Relocating

Color Coordinate Your Way to a Successful Move

Any established moving company in North Las Vegas will tell you that the key to a successful move is organization. Organization is an investment that pays dividends in time saved. Labeling is among the best techniques for organizing your relocation, but you don’t need to be verbose or even use text in all cases. In fact, color coding your boxes with large stickers or a similar item that are brightly colored streamlines loading and unloading.

Make and Record Your System

Choose colors that are intuitive for you. Perhaps shades of blue for bathrooms, yellow for the kitchen and red for emergency supplies. It doesn’t matter what you pick as long as you’re consistent. Be sure to record your choices. Having your list in the cloud and easily accessed from your phone can be a big help. As you continue packing and organizing, your system will become second nature and you’ll find yourself having to refer back to your color key less and less often.

Create Labels That Are Big and Bright

The purpose of color coordinating is being able to easily identify boxes and know where they have to go either on the truck or in your new home. If you have the option to use colored boxes so that the entire carton serves as the label, do that. Otherwise, be sure to make your labels stand out.

Consider a Secondary Color Key

You can further organize yourself by using a secondary set of colors. This selection should be small, such as two or three at most. For instance, you could use green to indicate priority and orange to indicate the opposite. Therefore, when unloading your kitchen boxes, boxes with green can be unpacked right away; boxes with no additional color can be put aside for tomorrow; boxes with orange can be stacked in the garage and dealt with when everything else is finished.

Color Code Your Destination Too

Have labels or colored duct tape or whatever ready to go at your destination too. Put these labels on or near the doors to rooms where the boxes need to go. This two-way color coordination will make it easier on movers and family who may not be familiar with your system.

Three Rules for Moving a Grandfather Clock

Three Rules for Moving Your Grandfather Clock

There really is nothing like an antique grandfather clock. Often, these marvels of design and engineering are passed down through families from generation to generation. Not only are they beautiful, they are also delicate. This is true when it comes to both the wood on the outside and the mechanisms on the inside.

You should consider hiring a professional to move your grandfather clock. Most moving companies have the skills and the tools to do it for you and will include the service in your quote even if you are just looking for to put it in storage in North Las Vegas. Whether you move your clock with a professional moving company or choose to do it yourself, you should heed these three pieces of advice.

Remove the Pendulum and Weights

The most important rule when moving a grandfather clock, regardless of how far, is that you should never movie it with the pendulum and weight system still inside. The brass components on the inside could swing back and forth while you are moving it. This could cause a few problems like the soft brass pendulum breaking or the weights swinging into the outer glass and breaking it.

Either of these things would be a disaster if they happened to your antique clock. Luckily, your moving company has the proper tools and training to safely disassemble and reassemble your clock. Be sure to have the service included in your estimate.

Crate It

For the safest transportation, a grandfather clock should be placed inside of a custom wooden crate. The properly padded crate will ensure your antique doesn’t sustain any damage during transit. Each clock varies in its size, weight, and dimensions, so be sure to properly measure your valuable possession before crating it.

Sure, you can build a crate at a cheaper price than a professional can, but it may not be worth it. If you are inexperienced, the quality might not be good enough to properly ensure the safety of your item. Unless you have the tools and the know-how, you should have your moving company do this for you.

Hire a Third Party to Move It

Not all moving companies are going to offer grandfather clock moving services. That’s why there are companies that specialize in just this activity. If you want, you can hire them to come on the day of your move to pack, wrap, and move your grandfather clock for you.

On top of this, these companies sometimes offer supplemental insurance for the moving of your grandfather clock. Insurance could be a wise choice for your move, especially if you are moving long distance.

Three Things You Should Do After Moving

Three Things to Do After Your Move

If you are currently searching for a Henderson moving company, you understand what it takes to plan and execute a successful move. If you are moving a large home to another state, the planning and packing process could take months. While you are completely consumed with the preparations, you may forget about what needs to be done once you have arrived at your destination, especially if you have kids.

After the move, getting settled in is almost as time-consuming as the preparation process. Some don’t realize all the things they need to take care of once they get into their new home. Here are three things you should do before moving day to be ready on the day you arrive.

Change Your Address

This is a vital thing that many people neglect to do when they are preparing for any move, whether it be local or long distance. Your mail doesn’t do you any good sitting at your old house. Before your move, be sure to change your legal address with the post office. This will prevent you from missing out on mail because it is sitting at your old address.

There are two ways to change your address. The quickest is to just go down to the post office and give them your new one. If you are looking for a convenient method, it can also be done online. Don’t miss out on important mail, change your address as soon as possible.

Find Healthcare

You have probably gotten into a routine with your local dentist and doctor. What are you going to do for healthcare once you relocate to an all-new city? This is an oft-overlooked aspect of moving, leading to people scrambling for a dentist or a family physician when they have an emergency.

Do some research online about different medical practices in the area. You can even ask some of your future neighbors who they use, nothing beats the advice of a good neighbor. After that, meet with a few doctors individually to help with your decision. Don’t forget about your pets. They need a good vet too!

Enroll Your Kids in School

You are going to want to get your kids into school as soon as possible after you move. School is a great social atmosphere where kids can make new friends in their new environment. If you have kids, you probably considered what school district you were going to be in when you moved. The next step is merely heading down to the school to register so they know when you will be getting started. This transition is easiest if you move during the summer.

Three Reasons You Should Have Your Items Packed Professionally

Three Reasons to Hire Professionals to Pack Your Belongings

When moving long distance, the primary concern for most people is whether their furniture will sustain unsightly and even destructive damage. They devote so much time and energy to keeping these items safe that they neglect the smaller packing that needs to be done. Packing is certainly the most tedious process of any move which is why so many people dread it. If you are one of these people, you might consider including professional packing in your moving quote. Here are three reasons why.

It Saves Time

Time is a precious commodity during the planning period for a move. You may find yourself staring at the deadline with an overwhelming amount of your smaller personal items still waiting to be packed away in cardboard boxes. In some cases, this could take you a day or two to get done. Professional packers can pack your entire house in no time, giving you more time to focus on the more pressing details of your relocation. In some cases, they can pack an entire house in half a day, depending on how prepared you are.


The last thing you want to do when unpacking is open one of your boxes to find that everything inside of it has been completely destroyed. If you are inexperienced as a packer, you could do it incorrectly, causing this to happen. Packers at moving companies know which is the correct box to use for each item and how to properly store them in the boxes to completely prevent damages.

You may not know that there are specific boxes designed for specific items. For example, there are book boxes, dish boxes, and even boxes for framed artwork. Your moving company will be able to provide a full estimate for all of these services in your estimate, including the price of the boxes.

Save Money

In some cases, your moving company may offer you a discount on your moving services if you add packing to your quote. When you receive your quote, check to see what packing and moving materials are already included with the move. You may find out that many of the packing materials you thought you were going to need to purchase are already included, meaning you will save money and time through the use of professional packers.

When you are receiving quotes for your next move from the moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, has to offer, be sure to include the services of a packing specialist in the quote. The benefits when it comes to your personal time, money, and the safety of your belongings can be staggering depending on the size of your move.