How the Type of a Piano Makes a Big Difference in How It Will Be Moved

Three Ways the Type of Piano Impacts How It’s Moved

Whether you are moving all of the items and furnishings in your home or you just want a piano moved, it is important for the piano movers in Las Vegas to have all of the details about the instrument. Different types of pianos have different sizes, weights, and weight distributions. These attributes and others will have a big impact on how the movers transport the instrument from one place to another.

Style of Piano

An upright piano has the majority of its weight in the upper portion. They also have fragile legs that cannot withstand any side impacts. There is less weight on the bottom half of the item, which means that the movers will need to make different accommodations than they would for an orchestral piano.

Dimensions of the Piano

The movers will also need to know the dimensions of the piano. This means the instrument’s height, width, and depth. Having this information allows the movers to make a detailed exit plan in order to get the piano out of the house without causing damage to the piano or the home’s doors or hallways. For example, if the piano will only fit out of the house through one door, the movers need to know.

Type of Piano

Some pianos have their inner workings more exposed than others. One small slip-up and the inner workings of a more exposed type of piano could easily be damaged, leaving you with an instrument that needs a big repair in order to play music properly. Telling the movers about the type, make and model of piano will allow them to select the appropriate professional piano cover to protect the item’s inner workings.

How to Pack and Transport Your Model Train Hobby Pieces for a Move

Tips for Moving a Model Train Collection

When you are moving from one home to another, packing routine items such as clothing or dishes is easy. Getting your model train collection packed could be a little bit tricky. These tips and working with an experienced Henderson moving company will help to ensure that all of your model train parts and accessories arrive safe and sound at your new place.

Take Photos of the Display and Each Piece

If you plan to replicate your current display at your new place, take several photos of it. Get photos from every possible angle. As you remove pieces for packing, continue taking photos. You can then use the photos for recreating the setup in reverse order as you took it down. It is also a good idea to take photos of each piece. This allows you to maintain a digital inventory of your train pieces and parts.

Use the Original Packaging

If you still have the original boxes, cushioning materials and other packaging that your model train engines, cars and accessories came in, use those for packing. If you do not have those boxes, the movers may be able to supply you with appropriate boxes or packing material. You could also have the movers do the packing for you. Most movers are experienced with packing and handling fragile collectible items.

Pack and Label Parts As Fragile Items

Be sure to label all of the boxes that include your model train parts and accessories. If you do your own packing, mark the boxes as fragile and draw arrows as to which side is up. This will help the movers to handle your belongings with care. Be sure to remove any batteries or liquid smoke or steam from the toy engines before moving.

What to Do With a Big Stockpile When You Move to a Different House

Tips for Moving a Large Stockpile of Household Items

Some people maintain a stockpile of certain types of items. The stockpiled items might be a part of preparedness for the future or anticipation of a natural disaster or influenza pandemic. In some cases, people have a stockpile because they inherited it or got a great deal on a huge quantity of an item. When you have a stockpile to move, a moving company in North Las Vegas has the movers and equipment to transport it to your new place.

Consider Using the Stockpile

A stockpile of items is meant to be used at some point. If your stockpile is food or consumable goods, consider using it before your move. Using the items could lower your grocery bills, saving you a considerable amount of money. Doing this would also decrease the weight and bulk of the items you need to have moved to your new place. After your move is complete, you could start rebuilding the stockpile with newer items.

Donate Heavy, Perishable, or Flammable Items

Some items cannot be moved in a moving truck. Anything that might catch fire, such as a stockpile of propane or gasoline, should not be moved. Perishable items such as fresh foods or pet foods should not be moved in bulk quantities due to the risk of infestation. Heavy items such as wood or building materials may cost more to move than to replace.

Pack and Move Items That Are Difficult to Replace

Some stockpile items might be difficult to replace. For example, hand-powered tools or appliances might be difficult to come by, especially if they are vintage or antique. For those items, have the movers pack and label them for you. Consider labeling them as a part of your stockpile for easy unpacking.

How to Keep Valuables Safe While Moving

Avoiding Loss or Theft During a Move

On moving day, you and a team of professional movers have a unified goal of completing your move in a timely fashion. However, in your efforts to move from one home to another, you could get a phone call from the office or have to deal with a sick child. How can you make sure that you don’t lose anything valuable while you can’t supervise the move?

Take Inventory Before and After the Move Is Complete

Inventorying items before and after the move is finished can alert you to any items that are missing. Ideally, you will make a comprehensive list of any item that has significant financial or sentimental value. The sooner that you realize that something is missing, the easier it will be to keep valuables safe from those who may want to sell them on the black market. It can also make it possible to check if an item was left on the truck or put somewhere else in the new home by mistake.

Take Small Items With You

If you keep sensitive documents in a safe at home, take the safe with you during the move. Alternatively, consider putting them in a safe deposit box at a local bank. This can reduce the odds that a social security card or the deed to a property can be stolen and used to harm you financially. Furthermore, be sure to keep passwords or other codes where only you or a trusted family member can access them.

Your Movers Will Work to Keep Items Safe

The professional movers in North Las Vegas who you work with can suggest ways to keep your valuables safe. This may include using special packing materials to keep track of anything that you can’t afford to lose. Other tactics could include checking items off a list as they are loaded and unloaded or putting them in your car for transport.

How to Get Your Bicycle Ready to Be Moved to a New Home or Apartment

How to Get Your Bike Ready for a Long-distance Move

Whether you are an avid bicyclist and ride to and from work or school every day, or you only ride once in a blue moon, your bike needs to be prepped for a move. Experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, are able to transport one bike or a whole family’s worth of bicycles along with all of your other household items and furniture. These tips will help to ensure that your bike is in optimal condition when it arrives at your new place.

Clean the Bicycle

Riding around Las Vegas is sure to get your bike’s tires and other parts dirty and dusty. Before having the movers load your bicycle onto a moving truck, thoroughly wash the bike. This will stop the clumps of dirt and dust from getting onto your other belongings. Use car washing soap or another biodegradable soap to clean the bicycle much like you would clean a car. Use a brush to work grime out of the tires.

Perform Maintenance

Now that your bike is clean, give it a good once-over. Check key parts such as the chain, brakes, and cables. If there is any rust, remove it. Lubricate the gears. Check to make sure the handlebars and other parts are secure. If your bike has any accessories, such as a basket, either make sure they are securely fastened or remove them for the move.

Take Photos and Converse With the Movers

Once your bike is in optimal condition, take a few photos of it. This documents its condition before it is loaded onto the moving truck. Converse with the movers about how the bicycle will be padded. Some movers wrap plastic sheeting around the entire bicycle, while others lock the wheels into place. The movers might have you put your own bicycle locks onto the wheels. Some movers want the air out of the bike’s tires.

How to Move with Pets [Infographic]

Moving day is stressful for most people, but people know why there’s so much noise and commotion in the house and where they’ll be at the end of the day. Your pets, however, don’t. They have no idea why their lives are going through so much upheaval. But there are some things people can do to make moving easier on a pet.

How to Pack Up Your Student’s Belongings When Moving to a College Dorm

Three Tips for Moving a College Student Into a Dorm

When a child moves away to go to college, the experience of packing can be overwhelming. Going through drawers, shelves and bins of childhood items can be emotional for everyone. These three tips will help to make the process go smoothly, and the extra items could be taken to a secure place for convenient storage in North Las Vegas.

Pack the Essentials First

While your child might seriously consider bringing his or her collection of 219 stuffed animals or seven bins of baseball cards to college, most dorm rooms are small. Make sure that your child packs the essentials first. Those essentials include hygiene supplies, detergent, clothing appropriate for the weather, the necessary technology, bedding and any needed small appliances.

Decide on an Organizational System

College dorm room closets typically lack any sort of shelving or organizational components. You could make the most of the room’s vertical space by using an organizational system with adjustable shelves. Consider a shelving and bin or basket type of unit. The bins or baskets are good at making things look tidy. They can be used for socks, accessories and seasonal items. The bins are also good for the snacks and sundries that your child may need to bring.

Put the Extras Into Storage

When a child leaves home to go to college, many parents leave the child’s room as it is so that it is ready when the child comes home for winter, spring or summer breaks. Other families may have other plans for the space, such as a home office, game room or hobby room. If you want to take over your child’s former bedroom after he or she moves out to go to college, a storage center is an ideal option for keeping your child’s belongings in good condition.