Make Room in Your Home by Moving Excess Belongings to a Storage Unit

Your Excess Belongings Should Be Kept Inside a Storage Unit

Most people are familiar with calling a moving company in order to make long-distance moves or in-town moves. But maybe you’ve considered looking for movers in North Las Vegas just so you can move some of your personal belongings out of your small living space into a storage facility.

If you’re wondering what type of items would best be suited safekeeping inside of a storage unit, then here are some suggestions.

Store Anything Nonporous

One of the greatest concerns that people have about keeping belongings inside of a storage unit is the climate inside of the unit. Specifically, they worry that the moisture inside of the storage unit will cause their belongings to develop mold and mildew.

This is only really an issue for outdoor storage units, and excess moisture isn’t really an issue for the Las Vegas region. But in case you’re concerned, then know that nonporous materials such as glass, hard plastic, metals, or wood with a strong sealant, will not become mildewed.

Store Your Holiday Decorations

This is great news if you’re the type of person who buys lots of holiday decorations every year for every major holiday. But the problem with holiday decorations is, they’re only useful for a very finite period of time, and they’re stored back in boxes until the next year.

Why allow all of those boxes to take up unnecessary space in your closets? You can reclaim your precious closet space by moving decorations boxes to a storage facility. Just make sure that your smaller decorations are sealed in plastic zip bags. Use shoeboxes for things such as lighting, accessories, baskets, balls, etc. Then place all of these into a larger box, and move them into storage.

Keep Edible Products Out

There’s plenty of your excess belongings that you could keep inside of a storage unit, but never store edibles inside of one. Perhaps you’ve hit the local wholesale or overstock store, and you found a lot of cookies, candies, or other goodies on clearance.

Under no circumstances should you keep the excess inside of a storage unit, because this will attract pests! Besides, storage units are designed to keep food and beverages fresh, so your edibles could go rotten inside the unit.

Apartment Life Is Different Than Homeowner Life

The Differences Between Apartment Life and Owning Your Home

Nothing says adulting like moving into your first house. For starters, buying a house is one of the most important and expensive investments that an adult can make. Secondly, buying a house offers you all kinds of space and independence that you’ll never experience living in an apartment.

But with all of the benefits that come with moving into a house, there are just as many responsibilities. As an apartment dweller, you probably never thought of how many issues are resolved for you, but here’s a look at just a couple.

You’re Responsible for All of the Major Repairs

You probably didn’t mind changing a light bulb when you were living inside of your old apartment, but now that you’re a homeowner, you’re also responsible for making sure that your electrical outlets and wiring are in excellent condition.

The same goes for your HVAC system. You’ll no longer have the option of simply changing out your air filter or asking the maintenance man to take care of it for you. Now, you’ll be responsible for making sure that your air ducts are cleaned and your air and heating unit works in peak condition.

All of these considerations will require you to have a list of trusted contractors on hand for repairs and emergencies.

You’ll Need to Invest in Security

While it’s true that apartment communities can experience home invasions, they’re far more likely to happen inside of private homes. This means that you’ll need to invest in a security system in order to protect your home and your belongings. You’ll also need to consider security features for your windows and other entry points around the house, too.

You’ll Have More Personal Flexibility in Your House

Did you hate the color your old apartment walls were painted? Now you can paint the walls of your new house whatever color you’d like. Were you told that you couldn’t play instruments inside of your apartment because they’d cause too much noise for your neighbors? Now that you have a privately contained home, feel free to play your instruments.

In fact, if you decide to buy a piano, then it will be crucial for you to work with piano movers in Las Vegas who will treat your other new investment with the care it requires and deserves. And despite the fact that you’ll take on far more responsibilities in your new house, buying a home is still one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Planning a Smooth and Stress-Free Move

How to Plan a Stress-Free Move

Moving is often stressful because you can feel in a rush to pack up each room of the home and transport everything to your new property. Many people feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be completed and with the number of belongings that need to be packed. If you want to avoid having stress or anxiety during the transition, there are a few steps you can take to remain calm.

Hire the Right Professionals

Moving to a new home can be challenging if you attempt to do it on your own without extra assistance. Consider hiring different types of professionals who can make the process easier and more efficient from beginning to end. Look for a moving company in North Las Vegas that can provide you with a moving truck and will lift all of the heavy items out of the house. They’ll use professional equipment to ensure that your appliances and furniture items are safely hauled away. A babysitter or caregiver for your children or pets will also allow you to get more done without worrying about their well-being throughout the day.

Create a To-Do List

Make a to-do list of tasks that need to be completed in each phase of the moving process to stay organized, which can allow you to feel more in control and cover all of your bases. Your moving checklist can include purchasing moving supplies or packing up the garage or kitchen. You’ll avoid mistakes and can have everything in one place on your list.

Eat and Sleep Well

Your energy level and mood will depend on how much sleep you get and the quality of food that you eat. Although it can be tempting to buy fast food while moving, opt for meal prepping to eat clean foods that won’t cause you to crash. It’s also important to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, which can boost your productivity levels and make it easier to get more done.

Ways to Stay Organized During a Move

How to Stay Organized While Moving

Moving means having to pack up each item in your house and have everything out of place until you’re settled into your new property. For many people, it can be challenging to find what they need while they’re in transition or find what they need. If you want to stay organized while moving, there are a few tips to follow that will prove to be effective.

Purge the Home

It can be easy to become disorganized when there’s a significant amount of clutter that is present in your bedroom closets or home office. You can purge the home to limit the number of items that you bring with you and have to pack. Purging the house will allow you to remove any belongings that are no longer used, which can make it possible to transport less. Make it a point to donate or toss anything that hasn’t been used in the last year. You can also resort to placing large or bulky items that aren’t used as frequently in storage in North Las Vegas.

Create a Checklist

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the different tasks that need to be completed when moving, whether it includes finding professional movers or hiring childcare on forwarding your mail to your new address. Create a checklist and a timeline of specific chores or tasks that need to be completed by certain dates. You can also keep the checklist on a clipboard with all of your receipts or keys that will be needed.

Pack the Essentials Last

It can be challenging to find what you need during a move if everything is packed away. Use a clear plastic container to store essential items that will be used while transitioning to your new home. Pack items that include toilet paper, water bottles, hand soap, medications, paper towels, phone chargers, an extra set of clothes, and toiletries. The most important items can also be placed on the top of the box to make them easy to access.

How to Make Moving Away Feel Better for Your Children

How to Chase Away Your Child’s Moving Blues

Moving can be hard on the entire family, but the process can be especially hard for children. Not only do children lose their sense of familiarity, but they also develop anxiety about the future. It’s always a great idea for parents to make the process of moving to a new city easier for their kids to cope with.

While you work with your Henderson moving company to get packed and moved, check out some tips that will help your kids find optimism in the moving process.

Throw a Small Kiddie Gathering

One of the greatest reasons why your child is dreading the upcoming move is they’re going to miss hanging out with their friends. Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current neighborhood, your child has developed friendships that have lasted their entire lives.

It’s crucial for your child to be able to celebrate this new phase in their lives with the friends who know them and will miss them. Too often, children don’t get the opportunity to properly say goodbye to their old friends, and this prevents them from opening up to new friends.

Get Them Excited About the New Location

Is there anything exciting about your new house? Be sure to share lots of details that will get your children excited. For example, if the floorplan in the new house features a reading nook or a spare room for video games, then be sure to share a photo of the floor plan with the kids. Their dread will soon turn into anticipation for the future.

Are there tourist attractions that your kids will enjoy visiting? Talk up the outdoor attractions, and be sure to suggest inviting their friends to visit them in their cool new hometown.

Set Up a Dedicated Social Media Page

You can help your tweens and younger teenagers to keep in touch with old friends and family members by setting up a social media page dedicated to their new lives in their new cities.

The dedicated social media page will also allow your kids to have a centrally located place to communicate with their social circle, anytime they wish. Having access to their old circles while creating new social circles will make their transition a lot easier to bear.

Three Top Reasons Why You Might Decide to Move

3 Common Reasons Why It’s Time to Make Your Move

Do you ever wonder if you’re ready to move? Do you wonder if others feel the same way you do? They probably do, and below are three of the most common reasons why.

You’re Yearning to Start a New Life

Perhaps you’ve lived in the same place for all of your life, and now you’re wondering what else is out there. Maybe you’ve watched those reality television shows that feature couples selecting homes in other parts of the country or other parts of the world.

Perhaps you’ve moved to your current city in order to work a job position, or you came to your current city with a spouse. No matter why you’re living there, you’re feeling that the time has come for you to start your life elsewhere. It’s officially time for you to pack your boxes and move somewhere new.

You’re Ready to Experience a New City

Maybe it’s always been a dream of yours to build a new life within a new city. Perhaps you’ve had visions of starting your new life among the lights of a big city. Or maybe you’re yearning to pack it all in, trading your busy life for an experience in the mountains or a beach resort town.

Few things add a shot of zest to your life than a move to a new geographic city. But before you turn in the keys to your current home, there’s a lot of planning you’ll need to do. This includes deciding on whether you want to move all of your current belongings to your new geographic location.

You’re in a Different Stage in Life

As adults evolve into maturity, they’ll find that the lifestyle they chose in their younger years doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. For example, that swinging singles apartment community that you moved into after college isn’t going to meet your need for coziness and quiet when you’re in your mid-30s. And if you marry or start raising children, then your current small apartment definitely isn’t going to work!

Moving to a new home doesn’t always involve moving to a new city. Many people upgrade to new homes in the same city. They find new residences that meet their needs, and at the same time, some people downgrade.

If you’re thinking about moving to another home in Las Vegas, or if you’re thinking of moving out of Vegas, then there are moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, that can help you to move on to your new life.