Moving to a New Home in the Heat

How to Survive the Heat While Moving

When it comes to relocating to a new house, most people don’t give much thought to the weather conditions on their moving day. If you plan to move in the middle of the summer or in a climate that is warm, the temperatures can be high when

Wear the Right Clothing

The type of clothing that you wear while moving will significantly influence how comfortable you feel in the heat. Opt for loose clothing that offers mobility and proper airflow to avoid feeling restricted. Stay away from synthetic fabrics, which can cause you to feel warmer. Wearing white and neutral color shades will also allow you to stay cooler in the sun and avoid absorbing more sunlight. Wearing a hat will also keep the sun out of your eyes and will keep your head cool where heat is stored to regulate your body temperature.

Use Portable Fans

When moving in the heat, make use of portable fans that can all you to stay cool as you transport your moving boxes to the moving truck. The fans can cool down your body and can also be placed near the front door as you go in and out of the house. You’ll also want to consider using ceiling fans in the home and keeping the air conditioner running as you load everything. Keeping cold bottles of water on hand will also allow you to stay hydrated and avoid overheating.

Hire Help

Make it a point to hire professionals to help to ensure that you don’t feel exhausted as you move on a warm day. Find movers in North Las Vegas who can perform all of the heavy lifting and will allow you to spend more time in the shade or inside of your home on the moving day. You can leave the work to the professionals as you cool off and avoid doing everything as you relocate to a new property.

What to Keep in Mind When Renting a Storage Unit

Personal Storage: Responsibilities and Considerations

Sometimes people will hire movers to assist them with storing personal belongings to a store unit facility, allowing them to free up more space inside of their homes. If you’re in need of piano movers in Las Vegas, or if you simply need to get those boxes out of your attic, then here’s some considerations that will apply to your storage rental.

Find out how much the storage service costs

Obviously, you won’t be able to store your belongings on a unit property for free. As a matter of fact, a unit rental is very similar in structure to renting an apartment unit. You’ll be responsible for paying a deposit, and you’ll be expected to pay a monthly rental fee.

There will be other tenant responsibilities you’ll be on the hook for, and these are usually spelled out within a legally-binding contract that you’ll be required to sign.

You’ll realize storage benefits immediately

Keeping old pieces of furnishing, musical equipment, and boxes around your home can have an adverse effect on your well-being. Too much clutter inside of your home can cause you to experience anxiety, depression, or hopelessness. You’d be amazed at just how much your mood will improve, simply by removing clutter out of your home space!

In addition, removing excess belongings and clutter improves your physical health, too. Boxes and old furniture collect dusts, and in some cases, boxes can become a home for rodents and other pests! This is especially true if you’re storing boxes in your attic.

Be sure to leave the unit as you found it

One of the reasons why storage tenants find themselves in trouble is their failure to leave the unit in the same condition as they found it. This means that you’ll need to pick up every piece of trash – nothing is insignificant.

This also means that you’ll need to take care of what you choose to store inside the unit. Don’t store dangerous chemicals or food. Both will cause damage, and you’ll be responsible for paying for the clean-up.

Is Your New Apartment Community the Right Fit for Your Lifestyle?

Your New Apartment Community: What Aspects Should You Consider?

Before you make a list of moving companies to help you with a prospective move, you’ll need to interview a few apartment properties to find your next home. Below are just a few questions you’ll need to ask before you pack your belongings.

How old are the units on the property?

There’s no way around it: The older the units on the property, the more you’ll be faced with annoying or troublesome maintenance issues. If you’d like to avoid these, then ask the managers how old the units are. If they hedge or they can’t answer that question, then move on to another prospective community.

Is the apartment property pet-friendly?

It’s extremely common for most properties to allow small domestic pets such as dogs and cats, but you’ll need to verify that with the property managers, as every property has different rules. Make sure that your pet meets the weight and breed requirements for the new property, and be prepared to pay a new pet deposit fee.

Be aware that the fee could be far more expensive than what you’re currently used to paying. Some properties require tenants to pay a pet fee every month with the rent, instead of paying a one-time fee.

What type of neighbors will you be surrounded by?

Living around the wrong type of neighbors will make your stay at your new community property a living hell, so ask the property managers about the tenants. If you’re a working professional, then you won’t want to live around neighbors who are in college and are ready to party all the time.

If you crave extreme peace and quiet, then living among middle-aged and elderly tenants is probably your best bet. Of course, if you have small children, then you want to make sure that your kids will be safe around the other tenants.

If you’ve found the right property for your needs, then your next step is to call a moving company in North Las Vegas to set up your in-town move.

Common Mistakes Made When Packing for a Move

Top Mistakes When Packing for a Move

Moving homes requires a significant amount of work to ensure that all of your items are transported successfully. Packing all of your belongings can be time-consuming and requires plenty of planning. In addition to planning for safe transport of items, you may be planning to put some items in storage in North Las Vegas. If you want to pack effectively, there are a few top mistakes to avoid when loading up each moving box.

Packing Too Much

Many people make the mistake of not purging their home of excess clutter when they’re getting ready to move. Unfortunately, failing to get rid of junk before you pack up your home can mean packing too much to transport to your new property. You may need to purchase more moving supplies or rent a bigger truck if you take too many items with you. If you’re having a hard time letting go of certain items, consider putting some items into a storage facility.

Failing to Secure the Items

Items that are loose inside moving boxes are prone to breaking when they’re transported. It can be tempting to throw everything into a box, but failing to secure everything can lead to breakage of valuables. You’ll need to use bubble wrap or newspapers to wrap everything and pack it tightly. Use lighter items for larger boxes and heavier items for smaller boxes to ensure that the boxes don’t break. You can also use plastic containers for heavier items that may weigh too much for cardboard boxes.


Waiting until the last minute to pack up your entire home can lead to a stressful and disorganized process as you prepare to move. Not only will it be difficult to wrap and pack everything securely but it can lead to misplacing items in the process. Assume that it will take longer than you estimate to pack up each room, and start several weeks early to pace yourself.

How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

How to Declutter Before a Big Move

Moving can be a very demanding and tedious task, therefore it is best to try and minimize the amount of work required whenever possible. One of the biggest ways that you can make your moving experience a lot simpler and more efficient is by decluttering your home before you begin to pack everything into containers. By decluttering your house beforehand, your items will be better organized, easier to pack away, and more prepared for transfer into your new residence.

Don’t Procrastinate

The greatest tip for decluttering your home is to start as early as possible. Oftentimes you will find that you have way more items and clutter than you originally thought you had. Decluttering can be a daunting task under any given amount of time, so you do not want to overwhelm yourself by waiting until the last minute. If you end up rushing you could possibly bring unwanted belongings to your new home. In order to avoid this scenario, the ideal time to begin decluttering would be at least 5 weeks before you plan to move. This way you can end up saving a ton of energy and ward off excess stress.

Divide and Conquer

With a head start on decluttering, the next step is to divide all of your items into different groups. Most people settle for three simple categories: Toss, Keep, or Donate. Take a good look at all of your belongings and be methodical about which category to sort each item into. By using this system to organize your things, the packing portion of the moving experience is almost sure to run smoothly. Also, be sure to choose the right Henderson moving company to handle your belongings and ensure that your freshly packed items are transferred safely.

Get an extra set of hands

Never be afraid to get some assistance if needed. Finding other people to help you declutter your home can really ensure that the process moves along quickly. Assemble your group of helpers and assign specific tasks to each member. This will keep everyone focused on whatever job they have been given and will make sure that everything stays organized. You can even buy snacks and play some upbeat music to bring a little bit of fun to the task.

What to Do If You Experience an Illness While in the Process of Moving

How to Manage Moving When You Are Sick

Many people experience stress because of all of the deadlines and activities related to moving. Combined with a lack of sleep, skipping exercise and choosing fast food instead of more complex meals cooked at home, you may be more prone to getting sick right around the time the movers arrive. These tips will help you to manage moving while sick and make the most of the services provided by moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Get Full-service Movers

If you did not already plan to have the movers do the packing for you, see if you can add that onto your service package. Having the movers do the labor-intensive work of packing and loading your belongings gives your body a break. It also gives you some extra time to rest before moving day.

Put Someone Else in Charge

If you still feel sick when moving day arrives, see if someone else can be the point person for the movers. A partner or family member may be able to do this for you. A trusted neighbor or coworker may even be able to help. The movers could still ask you essential questions, or your point person could act on your behalf. Many movers already know what to do, and they will not need you to direct the details.

Pace Yourself

When you have no other choice but to coordinate things on the day you move, be sure to pace yourself. Keep a teapot on your stove top and sip on hot tea. Have a pack of throat lozenges and tissues nearby. Avoid exerting yourself and keep a folding chair handy to sit down and take breaks as you need to. Keep the phone number of your primary care physician nearby.