3 Hard-to-Move Items and Why You’ll Want Help From Las Vegas Movers

3 Things You May Have a Hard Time Moving

Your biggest, bulkiest items aren’t always the most challenging to move (or if they are, the size alone isn’t necessarily the main problem). Whether you’re gearing up for a short move or one that’s taking you to another part of the country or world, consider these three problematic items before you start packing.


Artwork can be extremely difficult to move, which is why you may want to look for experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, instead of trying to handle it yourself. If the work is highly valuable, either in price or in sentimentality, any type of damage should be avoided. The art should be wrapped correctly using plenty of bubble wrap that’s secured with tape, then covered with cardboard pieces to provide extra protection.

Fish and Fish Tanks

Las Vegas movers will be able to handle the empty fish tanks for you, but what happens to your fish during the trip? You need to know how to remove fish from their tanks and keep them healthy during the trip. Contact your local pet store for tips. Then once you’ve moved into your new place, you’ll want to set the fish tanks up as soon as possible. Even post-move, keep an eye on your fish to make sure they’re handling the transition to and from their tank well.


Movers in Las Vegas understand that the biggest problem when it comes to moving a piano isn’t the size or weight itself, but instead moving the instrument without damaging the tiny, intricate parts inside. Don’t try to move your piano on your own. Instead, look for Las Vegas NV moving companies who are experienced in moving pianos. Not only will they keep your piano protected, but the hallways and walls of your old and new home will be safe as well.

Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Area in Las Vegas

Tips to Make Moving Into a More Modest Home Easier

More and more homeowners are choosing to downsize their living arrangements. Moving is a nice experience, but it can be difficult to relocate your items from your larger home to a more modest sized space with Las Vegas movers. These tips for moving in Las Vegas will help you make the move into an area that will fit your needs.

Shift Your Perspective

If getting a downsized home was not your initial choice, it’s easy to be disappointed about moving. See the positive aspects of a smaller place: less chance of hosting responsibilities, easier upkeep and lower maintenance expenses are all advantages that come with smaller homes. If you’re moving in Vegas to an area that gives you more of a chance to travel by bike or on foot, you won’t have to rely on your vehicle as much and the costs that come with a vehicle. Focus on the silver linings of downsizing and remind yourself of why it’s a good thing while you’re sorting, selling or donating your belongings.

Choose What to Scrap

Decide on the possessions that would be the hardest to part with. These are the things you definitely have to bring with you. Items that are replaceable won’t be necessary and you can buy similar ones later needed. One strategy for moving on a budget is whittling down the what belongings you have to take. Recognize which items are must-haves right off the bat and the remainder should be somewhat easy. Using storage in North Las Vegas is always an option too!

Toss Out the ‘Someday Maybe’ Items

If you’re living in a big home with lots of storage space, it can be easy to hoard or accumulate things for the day you might use them. When you’re moving into a smaller space in Vegas, the mindset needs to be one of use it or lose it. Get rid of duplicates as well such as numerous sets of glasses and dishes or several serving spoons.

How to Minimally Move and Declutter at the Same Time

Decluttering on Your Way to Your New Place

There’s no denying that the majority of us have too much stuff and it doesn’t usually come to mind until it’s time to move. If you are willing to shift your mindset a little, moving in North Las Vegas is the perfect chance for a fresh start — for your stuff and for you. This is how to unpack the baggage around your belongings, so you can move easily.

Decide What Is Clutter

Classifying your items is a crucial part of the process of moving. Some rules should be determined for what goes and stays — particularly if you’re looking to do some severe paring down. A major moving company in North Las Vegas advises getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” in you. Practical items such as technical gadgets or kitchen utensils should be objects you use all the time, so if you have not used it in more than half a year, pitch it or give it away. Keep in mind that you can always ask for from neighbors or friends if you’re in need of a spare down the line.

More Stuff Means More Time

One aspect that can aid you in your de-junking journey is realizing how much of a time suck stuff can be. Moving professionals in North Las Vegas recommend thinking about what the time demands are for each item you own. This is particularly evident if you are having a difficult time giving up a thing you know you do not use. Each object has to be maintained, dusted and moved, so it’s a huge drain on your well-being if it does not add tangible satisfaction or practical value. Recognizing how your things tend to take up your time can make it simpler to say goodbye.

Begin With Easy Items First

This is why the majority of people put off decluttering tasks until it is time to relocate. As it accumulates to a certain size, cleaning can feel like an utterly overwhelming job.

Belongings You Should Never Take to a Storage Unit

Making Space: 3 Items That Never Belong in Storage

While moving companies are most known for helping customers to move their belongings from one home to the next, they are often called upon to help customers to make space in their current homes by moving belongings into a storage unit.

While there are many items that can be safely packed into boxes and stored, below are a few items that should never be packed, or held in storage.

Boxes and Bags of Food

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of people who attempt to make space in their cupboards by clearing out excess bags, boxes, and cans of food. This is especially true for those who believe in self-canning their own food.

People like these run out of space to store food at home, and if they don’t have basements, then they’ll keep food in storage units. But here’s the problem: Storage units aren’t designed to keep food safe for consumption.

Pests such as rodents and roaches can smell food even through boxes and bags. Instead of reclaiming food that’s safe and sanitary to eat, you’ll find a bad surprise the next time you go to check on your storage unit!

Untreated Animal Products and Live Pets

Some might believe that their exotic spider or snake can hang out in a storage unit for a bit, as long as they poke a few holes around their packing box. But this won’t guarantee that your pet will survive, and worse, the pet could easily escape!

Some storage customers like collecting animal products such as pelts and bones. There are strict laws about what type of animal products can be collected. What’s more, local health codes prescribe how animal products should be treated in order to preserve the product, while preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Flammable Products

Your garage might start to feel unruly with all of your cans of paint, car repair products, and fuel. But placing these inside of a storage unit is creating the scenes of a future disaster!

If you have any other questions about what type of products you should never take to a storage unit, ask your local moving company in Las Vegas. Movers know what’s best, and they’ll help you take the correct products to your new storage unit.

Make Your Next Las Vegas Move With Ease

Make Your Next Move Easier Than Ever

Moving is never an easy thing. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will make your next move easier than ever before. Take some tips from professional movers from North Las Vegas and see what a difference a little bit of planning can make.

Get Up and Get Things Done

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your move is to simply just get up and get going. It is too easy to let planning and packing wait, especially when we all have lives that won’t wait for us to move. The biggest issues with procrastination come when you have to hurry and throw everything together. This is when you risk packing things without the caution you normally would. Even the most careful of professional movers in Las Vegas can’t keep things safe if they are packed dangerously.

Think About How and What You Pack Together

Packing should be done with a little bit of care and forethought. Many people understand how to pack things up carefully, but somewhere along the line, we all tend to get busy and simply work to get things done. This is why the pros really emphasize getting a start early. This gives you the time to relax and think about wrapping your picture frames instead of simply tossing them in a box. You’ve spent a lifetime acquiring these memories. Don’t them get trashed in one move.

Hire the Right Movers to Finish the Job

Moving by yourself, especially in a busy city, can be a huge hassle. Instead, opt for professionals who know how to quickly pack and move your belongings around the North Las Vegas and avoid traffic, construction, and other issues associated with big city moves. When you look for movers, the price may be a factor, but always check reviews and ask around. Nothing beats getting some first-hand experience with a company before actually moving with them.