Tips for Packing and Moving Your Collection of Houseplants and Flowers

How to Safely Move Your Houseplants to a New Home

Many people have at least one houseplant brightening up their living space. When it comes time to move from one home or apartment to another, you will probably want to take your prized plants with you. If you are unsure of how to protect and transport your houseplants, be sure to choose one of the experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, that will handle them with care and safely transport them to your new place.

Small Houseplants

Small houseplants such as African violets or verdant succulents are easier to transport than larger plants. These small potted plants should be watered about two days before your move. Pack them in a box and surround each pot with newspapers so they do not crash into each other while in transit. Your movers may have specialty boxes and can pack them for you.

Tall Plants

Transporting tall houseplants requires some extra attention. Pack sphagnum moss on the tops of the pots. This stops the potting soil from spilling or drying out. The plants will need to be packed into boxes that accommodate their height. You may need to ask the movers to supply the boxes for your tall potted plants. If your plant is in frail health, consider giving it away instead of trying to transport it.

Long-Distance Moves

Preparing your houseplants for a long-distance move is trickier than for a local move within Las Vegas. Be sure to prune your plants before the move. Only healthy plants should be subjected to the stress of a long move. Ask the movers about a climate-controlled moving truck. A consistent temperature and humidity level lessens the stress level on the plants. Make sure that nobody else’s belongings will be loaded onto your moving truck.

Don’t Take These Three Home Items to a Storage Unit

Disaster Prep Items You Should Never Keep in Storage

Let’s face it: Disasters happen, whether we’re expecting them or not. While most people choose not to consider personal or natural disasters, they often regret finding themselves unprepared to face them.

On the other hand, those who survive moments of disaster best are those who regularly practice preparedness. In fact, preparedness has become such a movement, those who practice it are commonly known as preppers. Maybe you’re one of them.

Preppers commonly store items that will allow them to eat, practice first aid, and engage in personal hygiene. While some people keep their haul in places like basements or garages, some find that due to lack of space, they’re better off storing their haul in a storage unit.

But surprisingly, even the most seemingly innocent products aren’t suitable for storage in a unit. Here’s a look at a few items.

Don’t keep bottled water in a storage unit

Not being able to store bottled water inside of a storage facility might shock most people, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s water! When stored in an air-tight container, water isn’t known to go bad. And second, water technically doesn’t spoil.

But here’s the problem: Water is sealed and sold in plastic containers. Most plastics are made with chemicals that leak into the product being contained over long periods of time. This is especially true when the container is exposed to high temperatures. Any chemicals that the plastic container is made of will contaminate your water.

And by the way, plastic in of itself is made out of petroleum. Besides, water, especially when it’s been exposed to heat over a long period of time, could develop organisms that could cause you digestive issues.

Don’t bring your canned foods to the storage facility

Canned food is another item that most believe is completely safe, impenetrable, and lasts forever. All of these assumptions are wrong!

First, commercially canned food only lasts 2-3 years, and that’s under the best grocery store conditions. The cans can develop pin-point holes, and rust. What’s more, once the cans become dented, then air and other contaminants can make the product inside unsafe to eat.

And finally, commercially canned foods need to be stored continuously at temperatures under 75 degrees. Keep in mind that any food that you can at home inside glass jars are far more delicate!

Leave your dry goods at home

This includes dry food and any home products containing a heavy scent. Both will attract pests eager to eat their way through your boxes.

Having stated these, there’s plenty of products that you can safely store inside of a storage North Las Vegas facility. If you’re prepper, then be sure to do your research before calling the movers.

Schedule These Essential Inspections Before You Move Out

Three Must-Have Inspections to Schedule When You Are Moving

When you are selling your house or moving out of your apartment, you will have a long list of things to do. After you make the important choice of selecting an experienced moving company in North Las Vegas, it is also a good idea to arrange for different types of inspections. These inspections provide you with essential information and the ability to protect yourself when you sign the paperwork to sell or turn in your keys to the landlord.


Structural inspections are important because a problem with the foundation or slab of a house is expensive and difficult to repair. Although Las Vegas is not known for its rain or damp soil, some homes in the area do have drainage problems or foundation issues caused by shifting sandy soil. Houses more than 50 years old should also have a structural inspection. A structural engineer offers these inspections.


While termites are not a common pest in Las Vegas, there are many other types of critters that could cause a problem when trying to sell, lease or rent a home. Scorpions, spiders, ants, bed bugs, bees, wasps and wildlife can all cause damage to a house or property. If you suspect that your house has a pest issue, get it inspected and initiate the treatment before listing the house for sale. If you are renting, inform the landlord of the possibility of pests.

Energy Audit

An energy audit is a good way to lure home buyers if you can prove that your home is energy-efficient. If you are considering making upgrades or updates to your home, an energy audit shows you where and how to make the biggest impact. Many utility companies offer free or low-cost energy audits for local homeowners.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company in Vegas

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Moving to a new home is a way to experience a fresh start in new surroundings. When you are thinking of moving, planning the logistics of the move itself and the transfer of your belongings can often feel daunting and overwhelming. Choosing to work with a professional moving company in the Las Vegas area is one way to smooth the moving process regardless of your final destination. With the right moving company, gain peace of mind when moving forward with finalizing your moving date.

Professional Movers Have Experience

Professional movers have experience with handling large pieces of furniture and delicate belongings, ensuring your items arrive at your new home in proper condition. If you have large desks, bedroom sets, dressers, or chests, professional movers help alleviate physical stress and exertion necessary to get them to their final destination.

They Are Insured

One of the most notable benefits of working together with a professional moving company is that the company itself is insured. Insured moving companies protect clients from potential damage, loss, or theft that occurs on your moving date. When you are transferring your belongings on your own or if you choose to hire an independent contractor who is not insured, you run the risk of losing your furniture or personal belongings without much opportunity for legal recourse and justice.

Moving Companies Come Prepared

Movers who work for a professional moving company arrive on site prepared with other members of their team along with the proper tools, equipment, and vehicles necessary to transport your belongings. Whether your armoire requires a dolly, moving straps, or additional manpower to lift and move it, professional movers are ready to take on the job. If you have special requests or requirements, be sure to inform the moving company of your needs while scheduling your appointment prior to your official moving date to maximize the accommodations that are available to you.

How to Find the Right Moving Service in Las Vegas

How Movers in Las Vegas Can Make Your Move Successful

Most people have to move at some point in their lifetime. This event requires you to move your personal property from location to location. It is common to want your belongings to arrive intact and without any damage. Read on to find out how movers in North Las Vegas can help with having a successful move.

Pack for the Long Term

It does not matter if you are moving locally or long distance. Your belongings are going to go through a lot of hands. They are also riding for long periods of time in a truck. These things are a good reason to pack for the long haul.

It means making sure the item is well cushioned inside of the box. You want to make sure the box is packed to the top without any loose contents. If you put containers in a box, then you want to make sure they are sealed. A box can get turned on its side or upside down during a move. A moving service also provides you with high-quality boxes.

Get Insurance Coverage

Your property is going to be sitting in a moving truck while traveling down the road. Anything can happen during the transport. The boxes are being loaded and unloaded by different crew members. You should prepare for something to go wrong by getting insurance coverage.

It helps to ask your movers about the coverage offered by their company. You can choose from full and basic coverage. If something happens to your property, then insurance can pay for the damages.

Keep Your Personal Items Close

It is important to organize your move. You may find it hard to find important items if you do not prepare in advance. Important documents like your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate and social security card should be kept on hand. If you need any financial documents before your movers arrive, then you should not pack them in your boxes.

It is obvious that you need hygiene products, sleeping items, extra clothing and phone chargers. You should take anything that you need immediately to your new home. The moving company can take care of nonessential items.

Moving to a new place is a lot of work. You have to clean the inside of the home and make sure your family has their basic needs. It is also good to have your utilities cut on shortly before arriving at your new house. The best-case scenario is your personal property arriving on time and damage free.