3 Easy Ways to Get All of Your Stuff to Your Local Storage Unit

How to Safely Get Your Belongings to Your Storage Unit

When you need to get items out of your house quickly, you might have trouble searching for movers to get the work done. There are many ways to get your belongings to a unit for storage in North Las Vegas. Consider these three solutions for safe delivery of your belongings to a storage unit.

Storage Company Services

When you are in a hurry, the storage company may have its own team of movers or have connections with movers who can load and transport your belongings to the unit for you. This service is convenient because you do not have to do the vetting of the movers. You also do not have to be at the storage unit in order to do the unloading. By packaging your moving services, you could also lower your costs of moving.

Renting a Truck

Renting a truck is a labor-intensive way to get your belongings to a storage unit, but you will have full control over how the items are packed, loaded onto the truck, driven, unloaded and packed into the unit. When you like to have complete control over the process, this may be the option for you. Renting a truck may also be more affordable than paying someone else who already has a truck. If you want to reduce the physical burden, have some friends help or hire neighborhood teenagers to assist you with the loading and unloading.

Hiring Haulers

Another way to get your belongings delivered to the storage unit is to hire haulers. Some people do this as a side job. You may have to do the loading, or this service may be available at an additional fee. The haulers will take the trailer or truck with your belongings to the storage unit where you meet them and do the unloading.