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3 Hard-to-Move Items and Why You’ll Want Help From Las Vegas Movers

3 Things You May Have a Hard Time Moving

Your biggest, bulkiest items aren’t always the most challenging to move (or if they are, the size alone isn’t necessarily the main problem). Whether you’re gearing up for a short move or one that’s taking you to another part of the country or world, consider these three problematic items before you start packing.


Artwork can be extremely difficult to move, which is why you may want to look for experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, instead of trying to handle it yourself. If the work is highly valuable, either in price or in sentimentality, any type of damage should be avoided. The art should be wrapped correctly using plenty of bubble wrap that’s secured with tape, then covered with cardboard pieces to provide extra protection.

Fish and Fish Tanks

Las Vegas movers will be able to handle the empty fish tanks for you, but what happens to your fish during the trip? You need to know how to remove fish from their tanks and keep them healthy during the trip. Contact your local pet store for tips. Then once you’ve moved into your new place, you’ll want to set the fish tanks up as soon as possible. Even post-move, keep an eye on your fish to make sure they’re handling the transition to and from their tank well.


Movers in Las Vegas understand that the biggest problem when it comes to moving a piano isn’t the size or weight itself, but instead moving the instrument without damaging the tiny, intricate parts inside. Don’t try to move your piano on your own. Instead, look for Las Vegas NV moving companies who are experienced in moving pianos. Not only will they keep your piano protected, but the hallways and walls of your old and new home will be safe as well.