3 Packing and Organizing Tips for Moving

How to Pack Your Belongings When Moving into a Home

Moving to a new home in North Las Vegas is a major life event, but there are some things you can do to make the process easier and less stressful. Organization and efficiency are the keys to a successful move, especially when it comes to packing up all your belongings. How will the movers know where to put everything? How will you know if something got lost during the move? If putting some things in storage, how will you quickly find specific items when you need them?

Below are three packing tips to help make your move go more smoothly.

1. Pack Items for Long-Term Storage Separately

If you’re downsizing into a smaller home or apartment, you might have a lot of things going into storage at a storage facility near your new home. That’s a great idea, but it can be very frustrating if you throw everything in there in a haphazard manner.

When packing before the move, be sure to separate the items that are going into storage as you pack them, rather than packing it all together and then sorting everything at the new house. If possible, you might be able to have the movers take everything to your storage in North Las Vegas – and some moving companies will even provide storage space for you right at their facility. It doesn’t get any easier than that. But everything needs to be separated and properly labeled ahead of time to prevent mistakes and frustration.

2. Create a Master Packing List and Labeling System

Many families wait until the last minute before packing for a move. As a result, they throw everything into boxes to meet their deadline, but then they have the hardest time figuring out where everything is later on. And there’s no way they’ll know for sure if something got lost in transit or if it even got packed in the first place.

Create a master packing list and a numbering system that separates everything room by room. Every moving box should have a unique number and a short list of the items that went inside. Each box should also be labeled according to the room it will go into in the new house, making unloading the truck very easy for you and the movers.

3. Clearly Label Moving Boxes on All Sides

When moving boxes are piled into a moving van or are stacked and tightly packed into a storage unit, it’s difficult to see all sides of the box. That’s why you should label every single side of the box, including top and bottom. HINT: it’s easier to do this before you fill the boxes with stuff!

Moving is a big event, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful that it makes you miserable for weeks before and after the move. Taking a little extra time to organize, separate, pack and label everything before the move will make for a much more enjoyable experience.