3 Things That Should Only Be Moved By Professional Movers

3 Specialty Items That Complicate Moving Day

There are some household items that are relatively easy to move, like clothing and kitchen supplies. Other items, however, should only be entrusted to professionals. If you try to move cumbersome objects like pianos, flat screen TVs, and refrigerators, you may end up damaging your possessions. Here are 3 specialty items that make moving day a lot harder.



Depending on your sofa and your living space, you might not have difficulty moving your sofa. For some people, however, trying to fit a large sofa through a small door is a logistical nightmare. If you want your sofa to reach your new home in one piece, professional movers are essential. They can wrap your sofa in insulation, ease it through doors, and place it gently in the truck.


Pianos are one of the trickiest objects to move. If you try to move your piano, you might end up damaging your instrument or injuring yourself. Moving pianos becomes especially tricky when there are stairs involved. One false move and your expensive piano could come hurtling down a flight of stairs. Pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds, so it can take half a dozen people to move one. Piano movers in Las Vegas help you avoid damaging your piano, and they will simplify the moving process. A team of experienced movers will have your piano moved and ready to play in no time.

Flatscreen TVs

Flatscreen TVs are lightweight, so many people don’t realize how tricky they are to move. These expensive, fragile items need extra care during the moving process. Professional movers know how to prep the TV, wrap it in moving foam, and secure the box. When moving TVs, it’s also important to store it upright and near other sturdy objects in the moving truck. If you don’t prep and move your TV correctly, you could dislodge the fragile pieces inside of it. During your next move, safeguard your investments by hiring professional movers.