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Belongings You Should Never Take to a Storage Unit

Making Space: 3 Items That Never Belong in Storage

While moving companies are most known for helping customers to move their belongings from one home to the next, they are often called upon to help customers to make space in their current homes by moving belongings into a storage unit.
While there are many items that can be safely packed into boxes and stored, below are a few items that should never be packed, or held in storage.

Boxes and Bags of Food

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of people who attempt to make space in their cupboards by clearing out excess bags, boxes, and cans of food. This is especially true for those who believe in self-canning their own food.
People like these run out of space to store food at home, and if they don’t have basements, then they’ll keep food in storage units. But here’s the problem: Storage units aren’t designed to keep food safe for consumption.
Pests such as rodents and roaches can smell food even through boxes and bags. Instead of reclaiming food that’s safe and sanitary to eat, you’ll find a bad surprise the next time you go to check on your storage unit!

Untreated Animal Products and Live Pets

Some might believe that their exotic spider or snake can hang out in a storage unit for a bit, as long as they poke a few holes around their packing box. But this won’t guarantee that your pet will survive, and worse, the pet could easily escape!
Some storage customers like collecting animal products such as pelts and bones. There are strict laws about what type of animal products can be collected. What’s more, local health codes prescribe how animal products should be treated in order to preserve the product, while preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Flammable Products

Your garage might start to feel unruly with all of your cans of paint, car repair products, and fuel. But placing these inside of a storage unit is creating the scenes of a future disaster!
If you have any other questions about what type of products you should never take to a storage unit, ask your local moving company in Las Vegas. Movers know what’s best, and they’ll help you take the correct products to your new storage unit.