What to Do With a Big Stockpile When You Move to a Different House

What to Do With a Big Stockpile When You Move to a Different House

Tips for Moving a Large Stockpile of Household Items

Some people maintain a stockpile of certain types of items. The stockpiled items might be a part of preparedness for the future or anticipation of a natural disaster or influenza pandemic. In some cases, people have a stockpile because they inherited it or got a great deal on a huge quantity of an item. When you have a stockpile to move, a moving company in North Las Vegas has the movers and equipment to transport it to your new place.

Consider Using the Stockpile

A stockpile of items is meant to be used at some point. If your stockpile is food or consumable goods, consider using it before your move. Using the items could lower your grocery bills, saving you a considerable amount of money. Doing this would also decrease the weight and bulk of the items you need to have moved to your new place. After your move is complete, you could start rebuilding the stockpile with newer items.

Donate Heavy, Perishable, or Flammable Items

Some items cannot be moved in a moving truck. Anything that might catch fire, such as a stockpile of propane or gasoline, should not be moved. Perishable items such as fresh foods or pet foods should not be moved in bulk quantities due to the risk of infestation. Heavy items such as wood or building materials may cost more to move than to replace.

Pack and Move Items That Are Difficult to Replace

Some stockpile items might be difficult to replace. For example, hand-powered tools or appliances might be difficult to come by, especially if they are vintage or antique. For those items, have the movers pack and label them for you. Consider labeling them as a part of your stockpile for easy unpacking.