Building Your Relocation Survival Kit

Four Useful Items to Have on Hand When Moving

You’ve hired movers in North Las Vegas and packed all of your belongings. The big day is almost upon you. This is a good time to put together any items you may need as you travel. Pocket cash, snacks and plenty of fresh water are a good start, but don’t forget to put together a convenience kit too, with items you might not know when–or even if–you’ll need, but you’ll be happy to have them in a moving emergency.


A Pocket Multi-tool

A multi-tool is incredibly useful and versatile during a relocation. Pocket-sized is preferable so that you have it on hand at all times. Whether you’re popping a soda cap, tightening a stray screw or cutting away a piece of packing tap, you’ll use it time and again. It has so many purposes and avoids the need to have a knife, scissors, pliers on hand.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Moving can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Music is a great way to keep energy up and put smiles on faces. Since everyone has a smartphone on hand these days, music is just a tap away. You just need to make sure everyone can hear it, and these inexpensive speakers do that.

Extra Power Strips

Whether you’re in the moving out or moving in phase, simple access to electricity is a big plus. Power strips or preferably surge protectors let you plug in lighting and other accessories with ease. They let you access the most convenient outlet and expand what are usually just two sockets into five or more.

A First Aid Kit

Cuts, bruises, sprains and other injuries are all common on moving day. Give yourself easy access to the remedies you’ll need, including aspirin and antibiotic ointment. Buying a new kit is the easiest way to ensure that everything you have on hand is fresh and usable. If you prefer to be a more cost-conscious, go through your current kit and refill and refresh any components as needed.