How to Decide Which Baby Items to Keep, Sell or Donate During a Move

What to Do With Baby Equipment and Supplies When Moving

Babies seem to go hand-in-hand with a lot of equipment and supplies. From a crib to a rocking chair and a stroller to a multi-functional car seat, there are big ticket items that you may need to pack and have the movers in North Las Vegas take to your new place. It is important to decide which things to keep and bring with you versus which items could be sold, donated or tossed and repurchased if and when you need them again.

Heirlooms and Sentimental Items

Many parents have heirloom or sentimental items related to babies. If your family has used the same high-quality, hand-carved rocking chair for five generations, you probably want to keep it. The 1970s crib from your youth with lead paint, rickety railings and broken springs might also be sentimental, but you would be unlikely to actually use it. Take a photo of unusable baby items, and then toss them.

Big-ticket Items

Some baby equipment and supplies are expensive if you have to repurchase them. Cribs, high-end strollers and carriers can all be pricey. Consider how much it will cost to move them. Also consider whether or not your new house or apartment will have the space to store the items until you need to use them again.

Small Items

Babies grow quickly, which means that many parents have bins of many sizes of clothing, toys and other items. Consider whittling down these small items, especially if you are unsure if you will need them again. If you choose to sell or donate baby clothes and other small items, you could easily repurchase used items for a low price if and when you need them again.