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Four Strategies to Ensure Fast Access to Your Stuff

How to Pack a Storage Unit for Easy Access

Many people who rent storage in North Las Vegas will access it over time. Perhaps they’re moving in and will take more boxes as time allows, or perhaps they lease their storage long-term and access it on a regular basis. In either case, your approach to packing it will make a big difference in how fast you find and retrieve your items.

Organization Begins with Labeling

In order to pack and retrieve your moving cartons well, you need to be able to identify them. Text-based labels are a good start. Make them big and easy to read, and try to place them in the same area—such as the upper left-hand corner—so that you’re always looking in the right spot. Color coding is excellent for even faster identification of categories. If you mark all kitchen boxes with yellow tape, for instance, then you can easily skip them when you come looking for your home theater components.

Maintain Aisles

Perhaps the biggest novice mistake when packing a storage unit is simply packing it from back to front. This eliminates all access to the rear cartons and ensures that you’re going to have to unload a lot to get back there. Maintain at least one center aisle and more aisles if you have the space.

Prioritize Front to Back

If you’re moving in to a new home, organize everything in priorities, such a day, weeks and months. Then, load the months first, followed by the weeks and so forth. You can use a similar approach if you use your storage regularly. Christmas decorations should be way in the back, for instance, while your lawn equipment should be up front and easily accessible.

Extra Lighting

Unless your storage unit is particularly well lit—which most aren’t—extra lighting can be a big help. You can even maintain a light in the unit—with the batteries out—so that it’s always there when you need it.