How to Get Your Art and Craft Supplies Sorted for a Storage Unit

Three Organizational Tips for Putting Hobby Supplies Into Storage Units

When you are an expert in a hobby, chances are good that you have a lot of equipment, tools and supplies for doing what you enjoy. Moving all of those items in a way that is organized could be time-consuming, but the time you spend will be worthwhile when it comes time to find what you need. These tips will help you get your big collection of hobby supplies ready for storage in North Las Vegas.

Sorting by Type or Category

If you have more than one hobby, you should sort the items by type. Perhaps you do both woodworking and cross-stitching. Your carving tools, power tools and wood samples could go each go into their own containers. The cross-stitching threads, embroidery hoops, fabrics and pattern books could each go into their own type of containers. Consider taking photos or making an inventory as you sort and organize.

Placing Into Uniform Bins or Boxes

Using uniformly sized bins or boxes will make it easier for the movers to transport your belongings to the storage unit. Uniform sizes of bins or boxes also makes it easier to stack the items and maximize the vertical and horizontal space in the storage unit. Consider putting a label on each box or bin and correlating the label with your digital or written inventory.

Careful Arranging in the Storage Unit

Once all of your items are packed and driven to the storage unit, the organizational process continues. Put the heavier bins on the floor. Stack the medium-weight bins or boxes on top of the heaviest ones. The lightest bins or boxes should be put on the highest point of the stack. Make sure that the labels on the bins can be read without turning bins.