How to Get Your Bicycle Ready to Be Moved to a New Home or Apartment

How to Get Your Bike Ready for a Long-distance Move

Whether you are an avid bicyclist and ride to and from work or school every day, or you only ride once in a blue moon, your bike needs to be prepped for a move. Experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, are able to transport one bike or a whole family’s worth of bicycles along with all of your other household items and furniture. These tips will help to ensure that your bike is in optimal condition when it arrives at your new place.

Clean the Bicycle

Riding around Las Vegas is sure to get your bike’s tires and other parts dirty and dusty. Before having the movers load your bicycle onto a moving truck, thoroughly wash the bike. This will stop the clumps of dirt and dust from getting onto your other belongings. Use car washing soap or another biodegradable soap to clean the bicycle much like you would clean a car. Use a brush to work grime out of the tires.

Perform Maintenance

Now that your bike is clean, give it a good once-over. Check key parts such as the chain, brakes, and cables. If there is any rust, remove it. Lubricate the gears. Check to make sure the handlebars and other parts are secure. If your bike has any accessories, such as a basket, either make sure they are securely fastened or remove them for the move.

Take Photos and Converse With the Movers

Once your bike is in optimal condition, take a few photos of it. This documents its condition before it is loaded onto the moving truck. Converse with the movers about how the bicycle will be padded. Some movers wrap plastic sheeting around the entire bicycle, while others lock the wheels into place. The movers might have you put your own bicycle locks onto the wheels. Some movers want the air out of the bike’s tires.