How to Get Your Sports Stuff Ready for Your Upcoming Household Move

How to Prep and Pack Your Sports Gear for Moving

Whether you are a weekend warrior, an avid outdoor sports athlete or you lift weights with your own custom home gym setup, you likely have a variety of sports equipment. From bikes to elliptical trainers and free weights to weight machines, these items need special care and attention when moving. After you have prepared your articles, the Henderson moving company will carefully load and transport them to your new place.

Clean the Equipment

Before you pack any sports equipment, take the time to clean it. Cleats and other items that touch the ground or the field should be cleaned of all dirt. Uniforms and equipment with grass, soil or stains should be laundered or dry cleaned before they are packed.

Deflate and Disassemble

Exercise balls, footballs, soccer balls and basketballs should be deflated before they are packed. This will help them to use less space. Flattening them reduces their risk of getting punctured. Home gyms and other equipment should be disassembled according to the manufacturer’s specifications for handling. Some movers will disassemble and reassemble the equipment for you.

Wrap and Protect

If you do not have the original boxes that your sports equipment came in, you will need to use other materials in order to wrap and protect it. The movers may have furniture blankets that can be wrapped around an exercise bike, elliptical trainer, treadmill or home gym frame. Individual weights, baseballs and other small items can be packed into a sturdy box and surrounded by towels for cushioning. Sports equipment that is made of plastic could be protected with bubble wrap to avoid warping and cracking. If you have motorized sports equipment, the movers may require you to drain all the fluids before they load it into the truck.