How to Handle a Fast Move That Is Required for Advancement in Your Job

How to Plan for a Successful Relocation for Your Job

The phone rings, or your boss calls you into the office to tell you about a lucrative opportunity to advance your career. You’re excited, but it requires that you move in short notice. These tips and an experienced moving company in north Las Vegas can help make your move less stressful and more successful.

Delegate the Work

Delegate as much of the packing, loading, and hauling of your belongings as possible. Full-service movers will do all of this for you. They will even disconnect and disassemble furniture and home theater systems and set them up again at your new place. Allowing the movers to handle this labor-intensive process frees up your time to handle the other details of your relocation.

Get Help

There will be some things you may prefer to do yourself. If you have young kids, hire a babysitter to watch them while you fill out the change of address forms, meet with a real estate agent and arrange for the house cleaners and property manager to come to your current place and prepare it for sale or for the next tenants. Having someone else maintain the lawn and clean the place will also help to lessen your workload.

Keep Tabs on Your Expenses

If your employer isn’t paying outright for your work-related move, keep all your receipts. For most people, a work-related relocation and the expenses of preparing a house for sale are tax-deductible. Save your receipts for the movers, moving supplies, house cleaners, lawn maintenance, and more. Even if your employer is paying for the relocation of your belongings, you might still have to pay for fuel, airplane tickets, and hotel rooms until your new place is ready. Be sure to double check with your accountant about your eligibility for the tax deductions.