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How Marie Kondo’s Decluttering Show and a Storage Center Can Help You

Creative Ways to Pay for the Cost of Moving

When you need to move, you may not have enough advance notice to save money for supplies or pay for a moving company in North Las Vegas. You can combine strategies of raising cash along with choosing moving services that are affordable. Use these creative tips to handle the cost of moving.

Lower the Cost of the Move

There are several ways to lower the cost of a move, even when you plan to hire movers. You could do the packing yourself. Just hire the professional movers to do the loading, driving and unloading for you. You might qualify for a senior citizen, veteran or student discount from the moving company. Find out if rates are lower on a particular day of the week. You might find that having the movers transport your things on a Wednesday costs less than a Saturday move.

Ask Your Employer

If your move is required for your job, ask your employer if they cover the moving costs. Your employer may be able to pay the moving company directly. Employers may also pay for other moving-related costs, such as boxes, packing materials and utility deposits. They may also offer reimbursement if you pay for the move up front.

Other Strategies

Ask your landlord if you can get your security deposit back on the day that you move out. Contact the utility company to get your deposit back. The landlord or property manager might be able to meet you on your moving day and give you the check on the spot. Consider selling some things that you don’t need. This would lower your moving costs and give you some cash to pay the movers.