How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

How to Find Out How Much it Costs to Move a Piano

Moving a piano is extremely difficult because even one minor misstep can cause damage to the internal components. As these instruments are quite heavy, it often takes two or more pros to move one. Before you get an estimate from a local company, you can look at some of the factors that will determine how much the job will cost.

Piano Type

One factor that will determine the cost is the type of piano that you have. Upright pianos are pretty popular in homes because these pianos have a smaller footprint and don’t take up as much space. When choosing piano movers in Las Vegas residents should always ask about the experience those companies have with moving pianos and the types of instruments they feel comfortable moving. Grand pianos and baby grand pianos often cost more to move because the instruments are heavier and larger.


Another factor that will determine your total cost is the distance between moves. This includes both the distance between your new home and your old home as well as the distance between its current location and the door. You also need to consider the distance between the moving truck and where you want the piano placed in your new home. The further the movers need to carry the piano, the more the job will cost.


Another thing to consider is the number of obstacles in the way. Movers may need to maneuver the piano around tight corners, deal with your dog constantly barking in another room or go up and down multiple sets of steps. These factors will all cause the cost of your piano moving job to rise. If you have questions about the actual cost, you can request a moving estimate. Las Vegas movers offer free estimates and quotes for whole home moves and the moving of certain objects.