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How to Boost Efficiency During a Moving Project

Residential hazards can slow professional movers down as they try to transport heavy items out of a house. If you want to complete a moving project in a timely manner, a reputable crew can help you accomplish this task if the area is properly prepped in advance.

Hazards that Affect Moving Staff

When moving crews haul furniture and other items out of a home, they always try to avoid hazards that can decrease performance and efficiency. Typically, crews will experience delays when they have to deal with obstacles, plants, and landscape hazards.


Most crews must stop hauling furniture when they encounter obstacles that block the path out of a home. The most common obstacles are items that drop out of drawers while furniture pieces are tilted on dollies. In order to prevent these situations, you must empty every drawer or use heavy-duty tape to keep the compartments closed.

Prickly Plants

Houseplants that have prickly components can harm movers who have allergies. To avoid costly situations, you should remove all prickly plants out of your home before the movers who work for a Henderson moving company arrive. These plants should be watered a day in advanced and secured in plastic bags so that the pots can be transported safely.

Outdoor Hazards

Disputes can delay moving tasks when movers accidentally damage items that are commonly used on residential landscapes. Hidden sprinkler systems are the most risky hazards because they can be damaged easily by bulk moving vehicles when the wheels roll over the components. This is why you must give the movers parking instructions so that they’ll avoid specific areas where sprinkler system components are installed on your property.