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How to Lower the Cost of Moving

How a Storage Facility Helps When You Kon-Mari Your House

Marie Kondo is a Japanese author whose book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” inspired countless people to begin a journey to minimalism. Find out how you can start to Kon-Mari your home with the help of a center for storage in North Las Vegas.

Make Space for Sorting

If your house is full to the brim, you may not have enough room to sort your belongings. While Marie Kondo advises people to look at an item and see if it “sparks joy,” you might not have the room to do this comfortably. Using a storage center allows you to move some things out of your house. You can then make use of the empty room and use it for your sorting station.

Store Items Belonging to Others

Your home might include things that belong to someone else. Perhaps you have things of your child who has grown and moved out of your home. If your child lives in a small apartment or is traveling, they might not be able to reclaim their belongings from you. When you want it out of your home but do not want to dispose of it, take it to the storage unit and give the owner a time limit to come and get it.

Do Your Sorting in the Storage Unit

Your home may have a lot of distractions. If your pets, family members or stuff distracts you while sorting, consider doing the sorting in the storage unit. Create a decluttering schedule for yourself and go through one box per day or week until you have sorted everything.