How to Make Sure Fabric Heirlooms Survive Your Next Household Move

How to Protect Fragile Fabrics During a Long-Distance Move

Many households include heirloom family quilts, tablecloths, lace doilies and other linens that are fragile. When you are planning a move with experienced moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is important to let the movers know about these special fabric items. If you choose full-service movers, they will carefully pack them for you.

Clean Your Items First

Before packing a quilt or other linens, make sure the fabric is clean. Stains exposed to heat may set into the fabric on a permanent basis. Many fragile items need to be washed by hand in a gentle detergent. Give yourself enough time before you move to take care of this laundering. Dry cleaners may also offer cleaning for heirloom fabrics.

Wrap or Seal

After fragile fabrics are cleaned and dried, they will need to be carefully packed. You can have the full-service movers do this for you. Ask them to use acid-free tissue paper to layer between the layers of fabric. After this is done, the items should be sealed in an air-tight and moisture-free container. Vacuum bags or space-saving bags are a good option. Silica packets can be included to absorb moisture. The bags can then be packed into the standard moving boxes.

Request Climate Controlled Trucks and Storage

Fragile fabrics are best preserved in a climate-controlled environment. In Las Vegas, moving trucks can get hot while they are loaded and during the transportation of the boxes. Request a climate-controlled truck to prevent the linens from getting too hot. If your boxes will be going to a storage unit for a while, request a unit that is climate-controlled. A climate-controlled storage unit maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels. This prevents weakening of the fabric and stops any mold or mildew from growing on the fabric items.