How to Move When Pets Are Involved

Accounting for the Animals on Moving Day

Moving day is generally a stressful one for most people. However, they know why there is so much noise and commotion, and they also know where they will be at the end of the day. The animal companions of those who are transitioning to another home or apartment have literally no idea why their life is going through so much upheaval. What can an individual do to make the move easier for a pet?

Have Someone Else Watch the Animal

It may be easier to have a close friend or family member take care of a pet on moving day. This makes it less likely that it tries to flee the home or accidentally gets itself stuck in a box meant for the back of the moving truck. Sending the animal to someone else’s house may also provide a calm and enjoyable environment full of treats and comfy places to sleep instead of loud trucks and unfamiliar people.

Keep the Home Free of Clutter Before Moving Day

Just as it can be stressful for a person to contend with a messy home in the days before a move, it can be emotionally draining for a pet as well. This is because a cat may not have easy access to its food bowl while the dog may not have access to its favorite sleeping spot. While a dog may be content with whatever its surroundings are as long as its human is still close by, cats can be easily stressed by minor changes.

Create a Plan Ahead of Time

If you are working with professional movers in North Las Vegas, it may be possible to create a plan of action prior to moving day. Doing so may make it easier to complete the move in a timely manner while also accounting for the needs of any animals that may live in the home. This may keep the family pet safe while also ensuring that movers aren’t harmed by scared or stressed pets.