How to Pack Your Arts and Crafts

How to Pack Your Hobby Supplies for a Move

Many people have a hobby that involves some arts and crafts. Scrapbooks, card making, candle making, and knitting are some popular hobbies that involve a variety of materials. Some of the supplies used in these hobbies are fragile or require special conditions. After you have properly packed them, the team of movers in North Las Vegas will ensure that they arrive at your new place on time so that you can get back to doing your favorite things as quickly as possible.

Toss the Liquids

If you have liquid adhesives, paints or paint removers, it is a good idea to use them up or toss them before your move. You could also donate or sell usable materials that have some quantity left in the bottle. The liquids could expand under hot temperatures, causing the bottles to rupture. The bursting liquid and bottle shrapnel could damage your other belongings.

Wrap Fragile or Sharp Materials

Be sure to get plenty of bubble wrap, newspaper or other packing materials to protect fragile hobby items. Craft knives, woodworking tools and sewing machines all have some fragile or sharp components that require extra protection. If you do not have their original boxes, wrap them in bubble wrap or newsprint that is secured by packing tape. Be sure to label what is inside of the wrapping paper so that you can take care when unpacking your items.

Seal Organic Materials Inside of Plastic

If your hobby involves making cards, candles or soap, be sure to have all of your supplies sealed in plastic. Rodents or insects could chew through cardboard after smelling the scented items. Yarn, ribbon, thread and sewing fabric should also be enclosed in plastic bags with a desiccant packet. This helps to ensure that no mold or insect larvae will grow on the items.