How to Prepare Your Piano for Moving and Transportation

What You Need to Do Before Moving Your Piano

Moving a piano is not an easy task and it’s definitely not something you should attempt to do yourself. You’ve invested a lot in your piano, so you don’t want to use an ordinary moving company whose movers have no knowledge or experience transporting pianos.


Here are some easy tasks you’ll need to get prepared for a piano or other large musical instrument move.

How to Prepare Your Piano for Moving

Before you call a piano moving company, you’ll need to prepare a simple checklist of items to help you before, during, and after your move. Start with the type and size of your piano. Be ready to tell your moving specialist the dimensions, weight, and type of materials it’s made of. This is important because the steps for transporting a piano are different for upright and grand pianos Next, consider the location you’re moving from and to. Will the piano need to be moved up or down steps? What are the measurements of the doors and hallways? This information will help the movers be prepaied with the right tools and equipment for disassembling, wrapping, and transporting your piano.

Coordinate With Your Piano Moving Company

If you’re moving your entire home, a moving coordinator will need to plan for proper loading and transportation to ensure that your piano, as well as other household contents, are transported safely and efficiently. You’ll want to make sure that the moving company is licensed, bonded, and insured, but you should also discuss the pros and cons of purchasing additional piano moving insurance. When the piano movers arrive, make sure that the area they’ll be working in is free of obstacles to ensure safety and prevent damage to your piano.

Choose a Piano Moving Specialist

Choose a company that specializes in piano moving and transportation. Skilled piano movers in Las Vegas have specialized training and resources to protect your prized investment. Whether you’re moving across town or just having your piano moving from one floor to another in your home, A professional piano moving company can get the job done quickly and efficiently, with little effort from you.