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How to Prevent Scratches Before Moving Furniture

Most flooring materials have a delicate coating that scratches easily when furniture pieces are dragged to different locations. In order to keep wood, tile, and other less durable flooring in mint condition while transporting furniture, several procedures must be implemented.

Easy Ways to Avoid Scratching a Floor

When professional movers who work for moving companies in Las Vegas, Nevada, haul heavy furniture out of a home, they may have to drag the pieces out of a corner if the layout in the space isn’t ideal. In these situations, you’ll benefit from prepping the area so that the furniture won’t scratch the floor. Besides furniture, other things can harm the floors in a house as well, such as dirt and environmental elements. The big benefit is that there are easy ways to prevent costly situations during a moving project.

Use a Cover

By covering the flooring pieces with a protective material, scratches won’t ruin the home’s resale value. These shock mats are available at a local hardware store. Most protective cover products are made out of a soft material that’s easy to cut, so you can modify them into any shape based on the layout of the space.

Prepare for Harsh Weather

After severe weather event happens, you must put a special mat outside to capture environmental elements that can harm your floor. Water, mud, and salt from rain and ice can generate friction underneath shoes, and the tension that generates as movers drag their feet while holding heavy furniture can cause scratching. An inexpensive mat can trap many elements; however, you’ll get efficient results while using a heavy-duty product.