How to Protect Your Belongings During a Move

A move is a serious decision. All moves require a lot of advanced preparation. Part of preparing properly for a move is making sure that all of your belongings are protected during the move. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish that.

Before You Move

Protecting your belongings starts with proper planning before the move. Larger items, like pictures, should be carefully wrapped with tape and bubble wrap. Smaller items should be equally protected before the your North Las Vegas movers arrive. Delicate items that can easily break, like large mirrors, should be wrapped especially carefully and then set aside in a separate space.

Packing Carefully

Another way to help protect your belongings during the move is by packing carefully. Smaller things can go in boxes for your North Las Vegas movers to carry. Items should be carefully packed up in boxes so they don’t shift during the move. Use clothing to help line boxes for an extra layer for protection. For example, you can use pants to line boxes and wrap china. This way you can get maximum use of the boxes and protect your belongings at the same time. Just label what’s in each box.

In the Truck

Loading items in a moving truck should be done carefully. Movers can help attach and secure your precious items as they move them and they’ll load your belongings in a specific order. This is why it is important to know exactly what’s in your moving boxes before they arrive. Keep heavier boxed items, like books, in one part of your home and lighter items, like clothing, in another.

Your New Location

After the movers bring your belongings to their new location, help them keep everything safe by directing the movers to right rooms. Decide where you want each item to go before the move starts. For example, it helps to decide that the large dresser goes in the family room rather than in the basement. The less your items need to be moved, the safer they are.