How to Select the Right Commercial Storage Facility

What to Look For in a Commercial Storage Facility

If your business is being done in your home or a small office space, it may be impossible to keep all of your possessions, office supplies, and furniture in one location. If this is the case, it’s highly recommended that you consider some kind of commercial storage in North Las Vegas, as these facilities will keep all of your possessions safe and secure on a temporary or long-term basis. However, it’s important that you’re able to identify the right storage facility that has the capabilities necessary to keep your possessions secure.

High Amount of Access and Access Options

When looking for the right storage facility to suit your needs, you want one that offers 24-hour access or at least is open seven days a week, as there’s no telling when you’ll need to drop by and pick up some of the items that are being stored. You also might want to consider a facility that offers free parking for additional convenience. Some additional access benefits that you may want to be on the lookout for include drive-up access that allows you to place your truck or van close to the building for loading as well as drive-through access, which is typically a covered loading area that allows you to avoid issues with weather.

Support For Larger Items and Documents

If you plan on storing documents or larger items, there are some additional storage facility features to consider exploring. When it comes to documents, make sure that the facility is equipped with such features as protective shelving, document tracking and copy/fax services. For the storage of larger items, the facility should be outfitted with a loading dock and access to pallet jacks as well as pallets, forklifts and packing supplies.

Additional Benefits

There are a variety of free and convenient benefits that are offered by some commercial storage facilities. These benefits include free access to a moving truck and accompanying driver, regular deals and promotions and zero administration fees.