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How to Turn Your Moving Day Into a Fun and Enjoyable Time for Everyone

3 Easy Ways to Make Moving Day Fun for Kids

Moving from one home to another can be an upsetting experience for kids. The experience can be even more stressful if the move is to a new town where the kids do not know anyone. When working with an experienced moving company in Las Vegas, use these three tips to make the day of your move fun for children of any age.

Have a Farewell Party

The day before the movers arrive, have a farewell party. Invite your kids’ friends to stop by, and exchange contact information so they can stay in touch after the move. If your home is too messy with boxes, have a gathering at a nearby playground or park. Bring bottles of water, and have guests bring a snack to share. A stack of paper and pencils or crayons can be used for kids to exchange messages and goodbyes.

Play Some Fun Music

Use your phone or music player to play some fun music on the day of the move. If your kids love holiday music or cartoon theme songs, include some of those. Some peppy music puts everyone in a good mood. The kids can dance and get out some of their energy before they have to be on the road for a long-distance move.

Have Favorite Food and Drinks on Hand

Many positive feelings are associated with food. On the day of your move, have some of your kids’ favorite foods and drinks available. While the movers are loading your belongings onto the truck, keep kids busy with drawing, reading a book or playing. Have a little buffet of their favorite foods on the counter. Some options include treats you rarely buy, such as Oreo cookies or pink lemonade. Use disposable plates to avoid creating dirty dishes.