How to Unpack Rooms After a Move

Moving from your old home to the new one went more smoothly than you expected, thanks to the professionalism of movers in North Las Vegas. All your possessions arrived safe and sound. But now you’re faced with a jumble of boxes and furniture all over your place. The following tips can help you unpack rooms in a logical order so that your family can start their normal routine as soon as possible.

Start With the Bathroom

Whether you’re moving across town or from out of state, you and your family will want to use the facilities. So always unpack the bathrooms first. Put out everything you’ll need for all your bath activities up to taking a bath. Set out soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, any medicines you need, and all the towels and bathrobes. If you unpack all the bathrooms in the house first, then each member of your family can freshen up without getting into each other’s hair.

A Place to Retreat

At the end of a busy but fulfilling move, you want a place where you can rest and recharge for the next day’s activities. So unpack your bedroom as completely as possible, including the bed linens and window coverings for privacy. Set up the bed, side tables, and dresser as well as your make-up table. Hang all your clothes and store them in the drawers. You’ll then find it easier to change into something in the morning.

Save the Kitchen for Last

Because it contains food, cleaning supplies, utensils, tableware, and large and small appliances, the kitchen is easily the most complex room to unpack. You want to do it slowly and carefully so save this room for last when you won’t be rushed for time. Don’t worry about not being able to use the kitchen for a few days. You can always eat out and order take-out until this room is set up.