How to Use Color Coordination When Relocating

Color Coordinate Your Way to a Successful Move

Any established moving company in North Las Vegas will tell you that the key to a successful move is organization. Organization is an investment that pays dividends in time saved. Labeling is among the best techniques for organizing your relocation, but you don’t need to be verbose or even use text in all cases. In fact, color coding your boxes with large stickers or a similar item that are brightly colored streamlines loading and unloading.

Make and Record Your System

Choose colors that are intuitive for you. Perhaps shades of blue for bathrooms, yellow for the kitchen and red for emergency supplies. It doesn’t matter what you pick as long as you’re consistent. Be sure to record your choices. Having your list in the cloud and easily accessed from your phone can be a big help. As you continue packing and organizing, your system will become second nature and you’ll find yourself having to refer back to your color key less and less often.

Create Labels That Are Big and Bright

The purpose of color coordinating is being able to easily identify boxes and know where they have to go either on the truck or in your new home. If you have the option to use colored boxes so that the entire carton serves as the label, do that. Otherwise, be sure to make your labels stand out.

Consider a Secondary Color Key

You can further organize yourself by using a secondary set of colors. This selection should be small, such as two or three at most. For instance, you could use green to indicate priority and orange to indicate the opposite. Therefore, when unloading your kitchen boxes, boxes with green can be unpacked right away; boxes with no additional color can be put aside for tomorrow; boxes with orange can be stacked in the garage and dealt with when everything else is finished.

Color Code Your Destination Too

Have labels or colored duct tape or whatever ready to go at your destination too. Put these labels on or near the doors to rooms where the boxes need to go. This two-way color coordination will make it easier on movers and family who may not be familiar with your system.