How to Keep Valuables Safe While Moving

Avoiding Loss or Theft During a Move

On moving day, you and a team of professional movers have a unified goal of completing your move in a timely fashion. However, in your efforts to move from one home to another, you could get a phone call from the office or have to deal with a sick child. How can you make sure that you don’t lose anything valuable while you can’t supervise the move?

Take Inventory Before and After the Move Is Complete

Inventorying items before and after the move is finished can alert you to any items that are missing. Ideally, you will make a comprehensive list of any item that has significant financial or sentimental value. The sooner that you realize that something is missing, the easier it will be to keep valuables safe from those who may want to sell them on the black market. It can also make it possible to check if an item was left on the truck or put somewhere else in the new home by mistake.

Take Small Items With You

If you keep sensitive documents in a safe at home, take the safe with you during the move. Alternatively, consider putting them in a safe deposit box at a local bank. This can reduce the odds that a social security card or the deed to a property can be stolen and used to harm you financially. Furthermore, be sure to keep passwords or other codes where only you or a trusted family member can access them.

Your Movers Will Work to Keep Items Safe

The professional movers in North Las Vegas who you work with can suggest ways to keep your valuables safe. This may include using special packing materials to keep track of anything that you can’t afford to lose. Other tactics could include checking items off a list as they are loaded and unloaded or putting them in your car for transport.