Keeping a Dog Tame Throughout the Piano Moving Process

A wild dog can make the process of moving a huge piano out of a home extremely challenging. However, by following a few steps, you’ll have no problems controlling your dog as the movers transport the instrument out of the house and onto the truck.

Piano-Moving Strategies for Homes With Dogs

Because a piano is bulky and very heavy, moving crews must handle it carefully to avoid accidents and injuries. An overly aggressive dog can cause big problems during the moving process if the animal constantly jumps and blocks the path to the moving truck. To avoid delays and costly situations, you must implement several procedures with your dog before the movers arrive.

Manage the Madness

Many hyper dogs act wildly after they hear the doorbell, which is why you must change the way your pet behaviors after this sound is heard. This reaction happens because most dogs think that the sound means that they’re going to get food or attention, but you can change this behavior pattern by rewarding your dog in a different way.
To control the madness, someone must ring the doorbell so that your dog will react to the sound. Then, after the dog sprints to the door, signal the pet away from the sound and issue a treat. You may want to run this drill a few times to get constant results. The goal is to teach the dog to run to you for a treat instead of the door when the bell rings. Once your dog understands this process, you’ll have no problems welcoming the piano movers in Las Vegas into your home.

Tactical Strategies

As the movers walk throughout your home while holding the heavy piano, they’ll need a clear path. If your dog runs around them, they could trip and hurt themselves or the huge piano. To teach your dog to stay in one spot or a specific area, you must make the animal sit and state your command. If your pet doesn’t move, reward the animal with a treat. This drill must be repeated until your dog knows how to stay in one spot or location for at least an hour.