How to Make Moving Away Feel Better for Your Children

How to Chase Away Your Child’s Moving Blues

Moving can be hard on the entire family, but the process can be especially hard for children. Not only do children lose their sense of familiarity, but they also develop anxiety about the future. It’s always a great idea for parents to make the process of moving to a new city easier for their kids to cope with.

While you work with your Henderson moving company to get packed and moved, check out some tips that will help your kids find optimism in the moving process.

Throw a Small Kiddie Gathering

One of the greatest reasons why your child is dreading the upcoming move is they’re going to miss hanging out with their friends. Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current neighborhood, your child has developed friendships that have lasted their entire lives.
It’s crucial for your child to be able to celebrate this new phase in their lives with the friends who know them and will miss them. Too often, children don’t get the opportunity to properly say goodbye to their old friends, and this prevents them from opening up to new friends.

Get Them Excited About the New Location

Is there anything exciting about your new house? Be sure to share lots of details that will get your children excited. For example, if the floorplan in the new house features a reading nook or a spare room for video games, then be sure to share a photo of the floor plan with the kids. Their dread will soon turn into anticipation for the future.
Are there tourist attractions that your kids will enjoy visiting? Talk up the outdoor attractions, and be sure to suggest inviting their friends to visit them in their cool new hometown.

Set Up a Dedicated Social Media Page

You can help your tweens and younger teenagers to keep in touch with old friends and family members by setting up a social media page dedicated to their new lives in their new cities.
The dedicated social media page will also allow your kids to have a centrally located place to communicate with their social circle, anytime they wish. Having access to their old circles while creating new social circles will make their transition a lot easier to bear.