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Make Room in Your Home by Moving Excess Belongings to a Storage Unit

Your Excess Belongings Should Be Kept Inside a Storage Unit

Most people are familiar with calling a moving company in order to make long-distance moves or in-town moves. But maybe you’ve considered looking for movers in North Las Vegas just so you can move some of your personal belongings out of your small living space into a storage facility. If you’re wondering what type of items would best be suited safekeeping inside of a storage unit, then here are some suggestions.

Store Anything Nonporous

One of the greatest concerns that people have about keeping belongings inside of a storage unit is the climate inside of the unit. Specifically, they worry that the moisture inside of the storage unit will cause their belongings to develop mold and mildew.
This is only really an issue for outdoor storage units, and excess moisture isn’t really an issue for the Las Vegas region. But in case you’re concerned, then know that nonporous materials such as glass, hard plastic, metals, or wood with a strong sealant, will not become mildewed.

Store Your Holiday Decorations

This is great news if you’re the type of person who buys lots of holiday decorations every year for every major holiday. But the problem with holiday decorations is, they’re only useful for a very finite period of time, and they’re stored back in boxes until the next year.
Why allow all of those boxes to take up unnecessary space in your closets? You can reclaim your precious closet space by moving decorations boxes to a storage facility. Just make sure that your smaller decorations are sealed in plastic zip bags. Use shoeboxes for things such as lighting, accessories, baskets, balls, etc. Then place all of these into a larger box, and move them into storage.

Keep Edible Products Out

There’s plenty of your excess belongings that you could keep inside of a storage unit, but never store edibles inside of one. Perhaps you’ve hit the local wholesale or overstock store, and you found a lot of cookies, candies, or other goodies on clearance. Under no circumstances should you keep the excess inside of a storage unit, because this will attract pests! Besides, storage units are designed to keep food and beverages fresh, so your edibles could go rotten inside the unit.