Matthew Chambers

Author at 1st Choice Moving LV


Matthew Chambers, a celebrated author, amplifies the voice of 1st Choice Moving and Storage through his compelling content that strikes a chord with our audience. Using his exceptional storytelling skills, Matthew spins the narrative of moving from a daunting task into an adventure filled with anticipation and new beginnings.

Matthew discovered his passion for writing during his early years as a journalist, where he developed a knack for writing engaging narratives that resonated with a wide array of readers—an ability that has proven to be invaluable in his current role.

With over twenty years of writing experience under his belt, Matthew has created an impressive portfolio that showcases his deep understanding and mastery of the moving industry. He expertly combines practical advice on moving with the emotional experiences that come along with it, creating stories that guide and support readers through their own moving adventures.

Matthew’s mission is to establish First Choice Moving and Storage as the trusted resource for individuals planning a move. He aims to deliver a unique mix of helpful tips and captivating storytelling, ensuring every reader feels recognized, informed, and a part of the First Choice Moving and Storage family.

Outside of his role at First Choice Moving and Storage, Matthew is an avid reader, sports enthusiast, and a fan of challenging brainteasers. He firmly believes that an energized start to the day sets the perfect pace for the creative tasks that lie ahead.