Packing Material

At First Choice Moving Las Vegas, we take pride in providing top-notch moving services and high-quality packing materials to protect your belongings during your move. Our Las Vegas professional movers use quality packing supplies like our custom cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and stretch wrap film to package and secure your items.

Our custom boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard and come in various sizes to accommodate all your packing needs. The packages are designed for moving with reinforced bottoms and cut-out grips on the sides for easy carrying. The bubble wrap and stretch wrap add an extra layer of protection by limiting movement and preventing scratches during transport.

We understand how stressful moving can be. We aim to make the process as smooth and worry-free as possible. Our specialty packing materials are one of the many steps we take to provide a seamless moving experience and deliver your items safely and securely. Here are some packing materials that we provide:

File box
$3.50 each
Dish pack box
(5.0) $8.75 each
Large floor lamp box
$12.50 each
1 bedroom moving kit
$12.50 each
Packing/Moving tape $12.50 each
Small bubble wrap
$2.00 per foot
Book box (1.5)
$4.75 each
24ft inch Wardrobe box
$17.50 each
King size mattress box $17.50 each
Brown packing/moving paper
$50 per bundle
King size mattress bags
$10.00 each
18 inch roll of shrink-wrap
Large mirror pack box
$9.50 each
Dish cell kit
$8.00 each
1 bedroom moving kit $189.99
Cloth Moving blanket $8.00 each
White foam
$150.00 a roll
Protective film for carpets $50
Large box (4.5)
$7.00 each
File box
$3.50 each
TV Box (30” to 80”)
30lbs of packing paper
$33.00 each
Large bubble wrap
$1.50 per foot
Large bag of popcorn $35.00