How to Prepare for a Move With a Large Collection of Ceramic Figurines

Tips for Packing Your Collectible Glass, Ceramic or Porcelain Figurines

Whether you have a handful of glass figurines that has been passed down through your family or a large collection of porcelain figures, your treasured items require some extra attention as you prepare to move from one home or apartment to another. Porcelain, ceramic and glass are prone to cracking if they experience an impact or they are dropped, which is why these items deserve special care.


Before hiring an experienced moving company in North Las Vegas, follow these tips to ensure that your collection is fully protected while in transit. 

Create an Inventory

If you do not already have an inventory of your figurines, now is a good time to make one. The inventory could be on paper or digital. Be sure to note the figurine’s name if its maker gave it one, its condition, date of purchase and general condition. Consider taking a few digital photographs of each figurine. The inventory will also be helpful for insurance purposes.

Explain the Figurines to the Movers

Talk to the movers about the figurines. Explain what materials the figurines are made of. The movers should have experience with handling a variety of fragile materials. The movers may be able to pack the figurines for you, using packing materials such as bubble wrap, newsprint and foam to cushion them.

Insure the Valuable Figurines

If some of your collectible figurines have a high monetary value, consider an extra insurance policy. Shifting of items during the move or a heavy box falling on top of one of your boxes of figurines could crack ceramic. Be sure to unpack your boxes of figurines quickly so that you can identify any concerns as soon as possible. Using movers who have experience with packing, loading, transporting and unloading valuable figurines can give you peace of mind knowing that your collection is in good hands.