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Preparing Your Children for a Move

Children may not always be excited about a major move. Consider these relocation tips when it’s time to prepare them for one.

How to Prepare Your Children for a Major Move

Moving is stressful on its own. Between planning, finding a new place to live and getting settled, the whole process can be pretty exhausting. On top of that, there are tons of parents who have to do this entire process of relocating with children. It’s also interesting when those children have strong opinions about the move. If you have a child who’s less than excited about the new change in the family, consider trying these relocation tips and see how they work out.

Keep Them Busy

During the times when you have to start packing, don’t try to be the super-parent who still has a home-cooked meal on the table. Save your energy for packing and order a pizza. Allow a Disney movie to babysit your child for a few hours. As long as your child is within earshot of you, allow them to indulge in their favorite shows while you prepare. On the day of the move, hire movers in North Las Vegas to help you with the heavier items. Extra hands will make the process go along quicker. While this is happening, consider asking a friend to babysit while you take care of business. It’s best to have children out of the way during this time. If the friend doesn’t mind taking your children to the pool, arcade or somewhere else that’s fun, don’t forget to put some money in their hand to cover the recreational expenses.

Sentimental Time

There are some things you can do for old time’s sake. If your child has a favorite ice cream shop or store along those lines, try to visit more often as the move gets closer. If they have friends they have to leave behind, try to set up a few playdates. Even though your schedule might be busy, these simple efforts will help a child transition through what could be an emotionally difficult journey for them.


During this time when things are hectic, it’s good to try to keep a level of consistency. Try to sit down and spend quality time with your child on a daily basis. Even if that time is only 30 minutes before bed, it’s time that can really help you connect during a time in life they’ll really need you.