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How to Protect Your Piano When You Are Moving Into a New Home or Condo

Whether your piano is new or an heirloom passed on from previous generations of your family, it is important to protect it during the moving process. These steps will help to ensure that your piano makes it to your new home, condo or apartment without any exterior scratches or interior damage.

Three Ways to Protect Your Piano When Moving Houses

During a move, protecting fragile items is a high priority. One of the most fragile yet bulky items that you might own is a piano. Moving a piano requires extra attention and care. Consider these three ways that professional piano movers Las Vegas will protect your piano from damage during the moving process.


Furniture Polish

Before the movers come, you can do a few things on your own to protect your piano. One important thing to do is to apply furniture polish. This type of polish protects the wood of your piano and helps to reduce the risk of scratches and scrapes to the exterior wooden surfaces. Apply the polish with enough time so that it has a chance to soak into the wood and strengthen it.

Plastic Sheeting

Wrapping plastic sheeting around your piano is a task that can be left to the movers. They will do this as a means of protecting the piano from moisture and dust. The plastic sheeting also provides some protection against scrapes from other items that are in the moving truck. Wrapping the piano also helps to safeguard it from bumps and dings while it is being lifted out of your current place and into your new house.


The best form of protection when moving a piano is provided with padding. Furniture pads protect the fragile legs of the piano from getting banged and dinged by other items inside of the moving truck. The furniture pads also help to reduce vibration while the piano is in transit. The movers can also wrap blankets around the piano. These items are specially made for use on furniture. They contain extra padding to protect the piano from impacts.