Safeguarding Your Move With Insurance

Insuring Your Relocation

Hiring a reputable Henderson moving company is an important step toward making sure your move goes off without a hitch. Insurance is another way that you can ensure that your moving expenses stay at a reasonable level and that you’re not surprised with any large costs due to unforeseen circumstances and other risks.


Coverage from Your Mover

Your protection against risk and liabilities during a relocation can come from a number of different sources. One source is the moving company itself. Moving companies have their own insurance that’s passed on in part to the customer due to the law and any guarantees and the like that the business advertises. You’ll often find this information outlined in the contract you sign. Do note that some or all of this coverage may only apply when the mover is directly responsible or involved.

Protection Provided Through Your Home Insurance

Many home and renter insurance policies do include some form of moving insurance. This coverage generally doesn’t extend to liability but can protect you from losses incurred at the origin residence, as well as the destination residence and even during transit. It’s usually wise to maintain coverage through a move, and you may even have coverage from two separate active policies.

Credit Card-Based Coverage

Many credit cards extend coverage to their customers on purchases. These purchases aren’t limited to objects and often include services as well. Some credit card companies even have special coverage explicitly outlined for relocation. Be mindful that such protection will only be active when you use that particular credit card account to pay for those services.

Relocation Insurance

Relocation insurance is a distinct short-term policy that you purchase to cover your move. The purpose of such a policy is generally to close the gap between the coverages outlined above and your potential loss. Relocation insurance can provide special protection for particular items, such as valuable art. Moving insurance can also be purchased based on expected cost. If you have a strict budget, you could purchase insurance that covers any costs above and beyond that limit.